1973-1979 Ford Truck Window Channel installation

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Ford Truck/Bronco vent weatherstrip install, 1973-1980.

Precision Restoration Parts shows you how to replace and install the glass run weatherstrip.

Part Number: VWK 2110 73
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7 Responses to “1973-1979 Ford Truck Window Channel installation”
  1. RedEyed Jack says:

    Is this similar to the kit from LMC?

  2. John Doe says:

    I installed my door window seal and while rolling the window up it cocked backwards as it neared the top. I had to fill in under the rubber at the back of the glass in order for the window to have a tight seal and not allow it to move. It worked ok but i feel that the rubber is not thick enough at that point where the rear extension goes into the frame that holds the rubber seal.

  3. mikecio1 says:

    is there a video on how to change the inner and outer weather stripping on the tail gate of a 80-96 Bronco?

  4. David Morris says:

    I have a 1971 F100 and i want to change all the rubber in both doors including the felt…possibly replacing the glass…it is leaking in the cab…I am not sure if there is rust inside the doors either…I will look at them this week!

  5. Precision Replacement Parts says:

    Sorry, nothing on the tailgate for those years.

  6. Craig Volk says:

    Do you have anything for the tailgate weather strip for the '78-'79 Bronco?

  7. TheFrameoff says:

    Good vid's, the only thing I would recommend is that on the vid about the vent window seal you would have got in a little closer with the cam, other than that they are a great help.

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