carburetor adjustment Daihatsu Hijet S83p Japanese minitruck

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how to adjust the carb and choke on a 1992 Daihatsu Hijet Minitruck 660cc JDM version ダイハツ・ハイゼット s83p model…others similar
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19 Responses to “carburetor adjustment Daihatsu Hijet S83p Japanese minitruck”
  1. fupabox says:

    I had to make the adapter from the old steering wheel hub ,welded to 3/8 in. walled steel pipe..drilled and tapped to fut the new wheel

  2. john mc dermott says:

    hey , where could i get a custom steering wheel to fit , like yours !!

  3. fupabox says:

    there is no restrictor on the carb…just a low power small engine geared for lower a ww2 willys jeep..if it is gutless in 4th you may have another issue..restricted exhaust,valves out of adjustment,binding brakes, should be able to drive normally in 4th from 50kph and up without any problems….for a little extra power you can bump the timing to 11 degrees btdc and the idle speed to around 1100rpm…also run some seafoam through the fuel system..makes a big difference

  4. jonandjones says:

    93 daihatsu hijet us83p

  5. jonandjones says:

    nice work! i have a question. is there any restriction plates or anything on these trucks. i have a 93 and in forth gear it is pretty much there anyway to get more power or torque out of these. thanks

  6. allminicoopers says:

    Nice man

  7. fupabox says:

    shoot me a pm with your email address and I can send you a diagram

  8. tucker55r says:

    Thank you very much. i will try to get a suitable replacement. i will let you know how it works.
    just out of curiousity do you have any schematics to show how the vaccum for the mini dump truck model s83p. my electronics all come on but the vaccums dnt work for the 4wd. non of them neither does the sudiff lock. all the switches are giving current but still no vaccum. some of the hoses arent connected. NB this is for another vehicle i have two. one dump truck an one regular truck.

  9. fupabox says:

    if you mean the vertical thing behind the fuel pump..that is your problem…it is the main temperature controlled vacuum switching valve…early 1980s gmc/chev trucks used a very similar unit on the 305 v8…not sure on the threading where it screws into the coolant pasage is the same but it may be able to be adapted…make sure you keep track of the vacuum hose locations on it

  10. tucker55r says:

    thank you i will check it an let you kno how it goes. but first. on the engine block itself there is a cylinder like thing which all the hoses are connected to, it is broken an is no longer connected to the engine. could that be the problem?

  11. fupabox says:

    sounds like a vacuum leak somewhere…many of the carb functions are controlled by vacuum and it can wreck havoc with just a tiny leak…check all the hoses especially on the undersides as they can easily look good

  12. tucker55r says:

    the idle speed is still high. i encountered this problem when driving. as i stopped the vehicles the engine raaced ahead then rapidly dropped down finally cutting off. i checked the caburattor, left it over night then started it back. the same high idle. at both hot an cold engine temp. when i adjusted the throttle it dropped very low an raced back up an down uncontrollably an keeps cutting off. it is nt holdn or taking any tuning

  13. fupabox says:

    what is the idle speed like once it warms up?…if it’s still high you can adjust the throttle stop on the end of the throttle cable

  14. tucker55r says:

    hey i tried all this stuff on mine but still no response. its not taking any of the adjustments. Any ideas??

  15. fupabox says:

    glad it helped

  16. SuperDicky71 says:

    Very helpful

  17. starpuss says:

    nice video!

  18. fupabox says:

    thanks..hoping I got it all correct…hard to get carb adjustment specs anywhere

  19. mazb6t says:

    good explanation man.

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