Changing Automatic Transmission Fluid

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Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 43 years, shows how you can easily change the fluid in your vehicle’s automatic transmission. For answers to all your car questions, visit


25 Responses to “Changing Automatic Transmission Fluid”
  1. 38911bytefree says:

    scotty, I read many times this advice. Can you explain why is worst changing oil that not changing it on a high millage tranny ?. What happens inside ?. Many thanks.

  2. scottykilmer says:

    @Subarooty88 I wouldn’t chance changing it now, it may not work at all then

  3. hamtalker2007 says:

    it would probly be easyer to call auto zone to ask them than to pore it into quart bottles, but that would work ok, you gotta do a little home work before jumping in to the job some times lol, just saying, i love your videos and my i say you are just like me i try to do every thing right and love to help people and that my be why i work for autozone lol

  4. Subarooty88 says:

    scotty i have a 2001 ford ranger xlt with 91,000 miles auto trans wanted to change the fluid because its pretty nasty on the dipstick but i don’t think its ever been done that part worries me transmission shifts fair to good has a little hesitation what do you think

  5. scottykilmer says:

    @FusioNFro yes , most guys change new fluid when swapping em, most would slosh out doing the job anyway.

  6. FusioNFro says:

    @FusioNFro If doing an atf drain is okay at all, do you think synthetic atf along with the lucas no slip are a good idea in my situation or just stick with honda atf? I’m at about 30k or 40k miles on this “new” transmission and would like to maintain it properly. Thanks in advance Scotty!

  7. FusioNFro says:

    Hi Scotty! I appreciate all the great, informative videos you provide. I have an automatic 95 Integra that has 120k miles on it. At around 80-90k miles my automatic transmission went bad and was swapped for one that had 50k on it. Whenever auto transmissions are swapped, is the old atf usually replaced with new atf? I’m asking because I would like to do an atf drain, but I’m afraid the “new” transmission still has the original atf, so therefore it wouldn’t be safe to do the drain.

  8. scottykilmer says:

    @nico27004 leave it alone if you haven’t changed it, shold change it every 30 thousand miles, if not, leave it ,damage can occur

  9. nico27004 says:

    I have a 1994 gmc Sierra pickup. I wanted to change the fluid on it for the first time but I find conflicting arguments on if it should be or not after 100000 miles. Mine has 125000 on it. The say if never changed it could cause the transmission to slip. Would it be ok if I changed it? I will also add truck has no issues with the transmission.

  10. scottykilmer says:

    @CrAzY4n00Bs just unbolt it and clean the screeen inside, it’s not really a filter, you just take it out and rinse it out, it’s like a window screen.

  11. CrAzY4n00Bs says:

    I want to change the transmission oil on my 2002 Toyota Camry Le because the car has been slipping bad lately, I checked the amount of oil that was in the car and it was low, turns out i have a leak. Im thinking its the transmission pan gasket, but my question is if its not the pan gasket should i still change it and how do i check if it has a filter?

  12. scottykilmer says:

    @j12torts they just drain on a bolt on the bottom, and fill on a side bolt that unscrews and you pump fluid there until it drips out that hole.

  13. j12torts says:

    how about changing the manual transmission oil?? how do u do that?

  14. bobthebuilder6938 says:

    @scottykilmer would have been helpful to say in the vid lol

  15. bamfan2044 says:

    only 4 quarts? Jesus the tranny fluid on my grand prix took 8!

  16. scottykilmer says:

    @bobthebuilder6938 I always heat it up in a pan of hot water on the stove first.

  17. bobthebuilder6938 says:

    how did u get the lucas to be so thin… u leave it out in the sun or somthing.. usually stuff is THICK

  18. scottykilmer says:

    @bobthebuilder6938 I’d leave it alone with that mileage, changing can easily kill the tranny entirely being that old and worn.

  19. bobthebuilder6938 says:

    Scotty: what do u think about the fluid not going bad. meaning like not changing color… cuz my cars trans fluid b4 i bought it offa my uncle he never changed the fluid but the fluid is nice n red but the trans kinda slips. the car has 300k miles on it now. i check it constantly its at the perfect level is it because its lost its ability to lubricate?

  20. scottykilmer says:

    @bujashaka you can’t 7 liters is the full amount, you can only remove that by removing he tranny or using a flush machine

  21. bujashaka says:

    Hey Scotty, my volvo v70 -2000 only gave 3 litres out of the bottom even manufacturer says 7 litres. How can i flush rest out without those fancy volvo tools? Thanks.

  22. scottykilmer says:

    @nismo2ful with conventional fluid, change every 30 thousand miles. but with syn fluid, it’s different for every car. Check with your manufacturer

  23. nismo2ful says:

    Hey buddy , my truck is 37000 miles do you think it need trans oil change or until how many miles thanks

  24. scottykilmer says:

    @qwert77777100 I don’t advise doing that as damage can occur if you try it yourself. But if you must, remove both cooler lines to the radiator and put em both in a bucket of fluid, One will start to empty , the other will start to fill, then use the emptying out one as the bucket to put new fluid in.

  25. qwert77777100 says:


    Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF – Full Synthetic Auto Trans Fluid

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