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February 11, 2018 by  
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In this video, we check out several cheap automotive accessories from, enjoy!

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Car Cup Holder ABS Beverage Supporter Air Outlet Dashboard

Car Silicone Cell Phone Holder Mobile Phone Holders Stand for iPhone 4

New 12V Mini Car Vehicle Truck Boat Cooling Fan Cool Cooler

I got tired of not being able to find a decent cup holder for my truck where the coffee didn’t spill out on every bump and turn. Here is the solution. It will cost about 10 bucks and 10 minutes of your time.
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26 Responses to “Cheap Auto Accessories from – Review”
  1. S.F. Outdoors Club says:


  2. Amash Qamar says:

    How to drain your car battery step 1

  3. Brandon Lee says:

    Ur an idiot

  4. Iro F says:

    Need Accessories For your Car? All their Products are 25% Off and also They are Going to Give Away a Product for FREE for lucky winners

  5. Florian Holtgen says:

    Don't power the fan for too long when the car is turned off…

  6. WesNile 89 says:

    why would you need a fan on a motorcycle? and have u never had a car without a/c ..people in America have that problem lol kinda sound bratty bro

  7. InfuzeHD says:

    I'm not really sure why get got all those dislikes. I personally liked the video. You may just need to shorten it up unless it's an in-depth video. Great reviews though!

  8. Manuel Holzinger says:

    whoever spends money on this products is really dumb

  9. Mari Rodriguez says:

    It's a nice video!! May not be for everyone…Don't worry about the dislikes ( If it bothers you turn them off :))

  10. TheJollyGiant says:

    this is all junk

  11. Nathan Daub says:

    Thats also not a cigarette lighter… thats a 12-v charging port

  12. Kevin Breeze says:

    What's up with all the down-votes on this video? Can anyone explain why? 

  13. kiyonexus says:

    They all look like totally shit products… I guess when you meant CHEAP, you meant quality wise… 

  14. DarkHawk1303 says:

    Did anyone else laugh bcuz it's called

  15. Devin M says:

    sorry but, the iphone sling bump might have been a bit to sponsory, obviously a cheap and shortsighted device, I also have a cradle for my phone that I used before I mounted a permanent touchscreen, anything that can dangle can be at best a nuisance, and at worst an obsruction/distraction.  Perhaps a little forethought before endorsing such a product


  16. WordOnWheels says:

    you should not need to have your car running with the engine on, you should only need to have the accessories turned on, if you need the car engine turned on then there could most likely something wrong with the wiring in the ignition, or something related to that, because you should NOT have to have the engine running to run the accessories in the car, that also includes the car radio as well, etc 

  17. arif says:

    It is makes to much noise.

  18. Banggood says:

    Thanks for you honest review, thank you very much!

  19. Sef Da Kidd says:

    What type of car and great vid

  20. Nature King says:

    lol…sounds like a blender ….but good though

  21. tawodi66 says:

    perfect for what i needed thanks for sharing!

  22. moodyjeep says:

    Great Job Mate.
    Baz (UK).

  23. john argue says:

    get er done

  24. Dave De Stefano says:

    Drain plug for the base! Genius, dude!!

  25. G Squared says:

    Thank you! This actually helped me a lot

  26. Adam N says:

    not the prettiest thing but very ingenious. Like the idea that you can change out the upper fitting to accommodate a slightly wider cup. Cheap but dependable.

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