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The absolute most Important Tax Planning Strategy/Tool You NEED. This is a Cornerstone to Business planning and preparation. This will Change the way you OPERATE. Please watch and share with Anyone You care about. This Tax Advice is perfect for small business. Tax Relief and Tax deductions reviews.

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20 Responses to “Han stryper mig”
  1. pneumatic00 says:

    Can't hear a word your CPA is saying.

  2. Cisco Leon says:

    Your audio is horrible. I’ll watch one more video and if the audio is as low as this one, I’ll more than likely not watch another one. Please fix your audio.

  3. Emma Redford says:

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  4. Ryan Mertz Clean Ups LLC says:

    Good info…the game is broken down into the strategy of – organize the financial map and expand.

    Upon expanding communicate with competition and use your best etiquette.

    Tax time always buy a new everything and sell what was used the year or two before. Consider all "loses" as paying up front for good karma!

  5. Acuity Academy says:

    Taxes are such a challenge for small businesses. Thanks for the info!

  6. Ke Ga says:

    Excellent info.

  7. K L says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge sir. Have a blessed day

  8. Marissa Ayers says:

    Are you worry about your monthly bills? Do you want to get for a significant plan online which will enable you to make 159 U.S. dollars each day? We all know the best way to do it! Have you found out it already? Simply search “sizo unique only” on Google now.

  9. Patrick TheBaptist says:

    Lesson #1, it only accepts the cash payments and enough said.

  10. Knowledge Wisdom says:

    Barely can hear your guess

  11. D Mason says:

    One of the simplest ways to keep track of expenses, for me, happens right at the cash register. I take my receipt and put a p for personal or w for work at the top of the receipt and if it is for work I put the job name and/or address under the w. Then on Mon. morning when I go through my wallet sorting my weeks receipts it's very easy to sort them and break them down by job to figure my p/l for each job so I can see where I did good and not so good rather quickly.

  12. Scott K says:

    The most awkward conversation I have seen, it's crazy that the word "money" is crazy to think it's hard to talk about…

  13. CURB APPEAL says:

    the audio sucks

  14. MarkyCmarkyDo1 says:


  15. Roy Franks says:

    Can someone tell me how this will work? This is just a random example. Let's say I spent $10,000 on my company this year and only bring in $5,000. So I loose $5000 as far as taxes go what happens please give a through exclamation

  16. joe mama says:

    Great advice!

  17. LEXUS-RX300 says:

    So buy reinvesting the profits before tax, you basically get more for your momey? As its taken as expenses etc
    So say 10-20% more for your investmentsv

  18. valentin shapoval says:

    What state are you guys in?

  19. SooperHBOMB says:

    What if I have a fulltime job with a W-2 and my own company10-99 but I
    spent about 5 thousand on building my company but didn't make anything
    in return yet because I haven't started selling or opened yet. Can I
    deduct the 5 grand from my w-2?

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