Hitting trash cans with car.

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murkin the neighborhood trash cans in the man van.. haha
This is pretty old btw.like if you thought it was funny πŸ˜€
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20 Responses to “Hitting trash cans with car.”
  1. Jas says:

    This is a criminal offence. These guys deserve prison.

  2. LiamH22 says:

    Y’all hitting yourself?

  3. Gaining Gaming says:

    This is fucking hilarious

  4. Michael Brown says:

    Lowkey miss the old high school days doing stupid shit like this

  5. Ember Hanauer says:

    That's rude. :^<

  6. ExposedAlertYT says:

    God what a stain on humanity you are

  7. SuperZmby says:

    I just hit one in my car because it was in the middle of the road tore my dander off and ripped the paint off too (:

  8. willthetrashman says:

    go to hell

  9. East Coast Refuse Trucks says:

    If you hit my cans I will kill you and fuck you pay to people for new trash cans you faggot bitch and fucking you I will kick ass with horses's dicks

  10. Arctic Xavier says:

    someone should fill one of the trash cans with cement. πŸ™‚

  11. hah 634 says:

    stop it not funny how would you like that I feel bad for the garbage cans

  12. Al James says:

    you know when you wish really hard for the airbag to explode in their face but it dosnt happen! #disappointing

  13. Bin.collector.93 says:

    Wtf these garbage cans cost a lot of money you idiots

  14. powerful panda says:

    you dork ill bust your car

  15. Jose Patino says:

    I got ur beaners hanging here buddy

  16. Gerald The Seal says:

    Who came from jake Paul's vlog

  17. Johnathan Sheffield says:

    That looks fun as fuck

  18. lolly lummi says:


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