How Do You Bridge a 2 Channel Amplifier? | Car Audio Q & A

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Watch Brendan answer two questions about 2 channel car amplifiers. First, he explains how to bridge a two channel amplifier and then he explains why you cannot power four speakers off of a two channel amp.

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20 Responses to “How Do You Bridge a 2 Channel Amplifier? | Car Audio Q & A”
  1. Carlos Rod says:

    am having problems with my door spearkers i hav the bridge to my amp bot the amps quite

  2. Nathanual Anderson says:

    what if it says its not bridgable can it be bridged

  3. Mayhem Gaming says:

    noob. there's amps you can run 24 midrange speakers off….. series and parallel. Quit teaching people basics, and start doing thorough explanation.

  4. Nerd Chunk says:

    How can I bridge my 2 4 ohm subs

  5. Nate Miller says:

    My ppi mos 450 can be bridged 2 ohm final impedance. I'm still learning this, but I'm pretty sure that's what the instructions say. "Minimum recommended impedance loads: Stereo 1 ohm; Bridge 2 ohm." That's probably why I've heard it called a cheater amp.

  6. 7xrepiv says:

    can you bridge to a mono amp

  7. Eriek Pawirodinomo says:

    Can you bridge a 5 amp channel (powerbass asa 1100.5)

  8. faisal shaikh says:

    how to bridge one sub to pioneer gm-a6604 amp (4 channel)
    i have connected single coil 1000w pioneer sub, by switching 2 channel in amp

  9. Headshothorror4488 says:

    So when u bridge an amp it cuts the ohms in half ? So if I have three subs wired together and get sat a 2.7 ohm load at the end then when I put on bridge on amp it will cut the 2.7 in half ?

    Why how is this ?

    So I have 2 DVC 4 ohm subs wired together and get a 4ohm load or 3.5 on meter……. THEN when I just attach wires to amp as brigged it will drop that 4 to a 2 ohm load ???????

  10. Tauqir Ahmed says:

    For 4 door speakers 300watts each pair (peak power), 4ohms, and a 300watts 2 channel amp. i am putting my right F and R speakers in series and left F and R speakers in series, and then hooking both sides (Left and Right combinations) in amp in 1 channel, means when you putting wires in the amp join the 2 positives that you have in the end and put it in the last (which at the end) positive and negative in the last negative(that will on the other end), e.g, you have 4 connection for 2 channel speakers A+ A- B+ B-, connect the last end of positive to A+ and negative to B-. that will give you the total impedance of 4ohm.

  11. Jech Castellanos says:

    hi i have a 1000w amp. can i conect two speakers of 300w and a sobwoofer of 900w in the same amp

  12. T-G_STEVE says:

    +Sonic Electronix I have 2 JL Audio Subs in the trunk of my Accord. I just bought a 900watt 4 channel Kenwood amp. I'm only getting like half power from both subs. Is there a way I can bridge both subs together to get the full 900watts without messing anything up? I just feel like I'm not getting much bass to it. All I have is a stock deck in the car, going to get a custom one soon. Any help from anybody would be great.

  13. Andrew Oliver says:

    I just wired two 4 ohm speakers bridged ( 4 channel amp, 2 channels to one speaker ) an it sounds like crap! Everything is wired correctly but the output sucks! What am i doing wrong?

  14. Jclownwalk says:

    OK I have a 4 channel amp and was wondering if I can hook up 3 pairs of speakers to it? Reason being is because the 4×10 in the rear of my Tahoe are powered by the head unit and I want a little more power to the speakers? 

  15. kevin tillack says:

    Like he said…. The only time you can do that is if you have 2 8ohm mid range/mid bass speakers and then you can make it work because most amps are only 4ohm stable when bridged 

  16. Angel Carrillo says:

    I have a question can I use this battery Kinetik HC600 BLU Series 600-Watt 12-Volt High Current AGM Car Audio Power Cell Battery for my amp it's a 2400 watt 

  17. Anthony Gonzalez says:

    how do I connect two 4 ohm single coil speakers wired along with two tweeters all in the same ported box to an amp with channels?

  18. MrSKEZgraffiti says:

    Okay to start off I own an 03 jaguar xtype. My question is about which amp to buy with my setup I plan on installing. Currently own a Kenwood DDX371 head unit with 4 Kicker 40cs654 all the way around and 2 pioneer ts-w309d2 subwoofers. I am stuck on what amplifier I should bring along with me to complete my setup.

  19. Dereck BigDWiz says:

    Some 2 and 4 channel amps are capable of 2 ohm mono loads, but very few. Back in the old school, we had 2 channel amps stable at 0.5 mono…you don't see those any more! "Cheater amps" are a thing of the past, but still cool nonetheless.

  20. UniCrafter says:

    This bridging stuff is kinda interesting. We have a 15" sub in our lounge room powered by a car amp and a 12v power supply. The sub is a dual voicecoil at 4 ohms per coil. We had the option of bridging it and running the sub in series (8 ohm sub, ~300 watts at 8 ohm when bridged for the amp) but instead we went dual channel at 4 ohms per channel without bridging to get the full 330 watts from the amp. We have modded an RCA lead so both channels have the exact same input and it works great. No issues, except for sometimes accidentally wiring them out of phase so the speaker doesn't move when a song is playing. 

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