How It’s Made Carbon Fiber Car Parts

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Discovery / Science Channel’s “How It’s Made” Carbon Fiber Car Parts episode

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25 Responses to “How It’s Made Carbon Fiber Car Parts”
  1. TheBioAbyssal says:

    Steely Strength….LOL

  2. treysdwayne says:

    i think it is a chevy ssr, a 2-seater convertible truck

  3. rioross says:

    well, it’s a bit old, but this SSR used to be a great looking car. It was popular at first, but just like the PT Cruiser and the Beetle, lost its appeal.
    However, the SSR came standard with an LS Series V8. So don’t think just because it’s ugly that it’s slow.

  4. francozoid says:

    Please prove it with formula..

  5. fahimsultan93 says:

    what do you mean

  6. iceboks says:

    uses carbon fiber for weight reduction… rocks 28″ poverty rims…

  7. N01MD1RTYD4N says:

    Ive got carbon fiber on my cleats, its pretty sick 

  8. baujahr90er says:

    pt cruiser, silverado ss and the smart car are just insanely beatiful, its the peak of automotive design, they will go as the most beautiful cars in the hall of fame, they are not plasticky or low budged designed such as the mclaren f1 or the aventador or in my opinion the most ugly car ever made the one 77…

    … this was my biggest lie EVER, honestly…

  9. MyTrollinAccount69 says:

    typical nigger bullshit 0:45

  10. ANoobsGuide says:

    Why paint carbon fiber? it looks fucking beautiful the way it is.

  11. BADtimmay says:

    can’t help but think, this could be done easier… don’t know how… just a gut feeling…

  12. iamhereforever says:

    carbon fibre “IS” ugly

  13. hvf26 says:

    notsureifsrs. carbon fibre is buiriful

  14. kompostusevenadam says:

    Pre preg is the easiest way for lay up. But it is expensive for automotive industry. Usually use for airplane parts. Search it.

  15. 0cBROOKLYNc0 says:

    yea thats right bitch that some nigga shit and ima put some more amps in my trunk

  16. MyTrollinAccount69 says:

    o nowsey poo niggers madd madd niggers gona nig.

  17. 0cBROOKLYNc0 says:

    speak in english

  18. MyTrollinAccount69 says:

    niggers gona nig.

  19. MarlosBurger says:

    i love the piano in this sounds like SBS music

  20. DeaderNBetter says:

    Nearly as strong? Nearly!?

  21. Daftstewie says:

    ? paint onto cardon fibre

  22. efrainthenameless says:

    rust is lighter then carbon fiber!

  23. mynameisray says:

    Isn’t pop rivets and drywall screws the best way to secure a front lip to such a shitty care the best thing you can do though?

  24. ICYBOYSalvin23a says:

    It’s a chev SSR

  25. MegaTechnomaster says:

    is the narrator mike roe?

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