How to Fix a Squeaky Car Door Hinge Using Motorcycle Technology

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You can buy motorcycle chain lube like this on Amazon- and when you do, I get 6% of whatever you buy on Amazon in the next 24hrs after you click on this link from that computer. (that’s one…

How to fix your key fob! Please give me a thumbs up!


41 Responses to “How to Fix a Squeaky Car Door Hinge Using Motorcycle Technology”
  1. Astro Scope says:

    Thanks for the advice. I’ve had some chain lube lying around for my
    motorcycle no I’ve used it too. Excellent results. No more squeaking. I
    wonder how long this lube will last?

  2. Micscience says:

    Cool video. I have something similar it is called CORE made by Drummond and
    it does exactly what yours does. Sprays on as a penetrating foam then cures
    to a semi-greasy oil.

  3. briansmobile1 says:

    become a partner etc. and from there you get links that have a certain
    ending that connects them to you. You have to wait 3months to make sure
    there’s no returns etc. I haven’t made anything yet- just tying it out. Why
    not right?

  4. moparmania74 says:

    where can you get that brand??

  5. briansmobile1 says:

    And…. smell bad. (according to my woman- I like the smell : )

  6. SeanBZA says:

    Chain lube also works well on roller shutter doors, stops them sticking but
    does not do dust and dirt much. For the ultimate use fork lift chain lube,
    thick like tar, but sticks like crazy.

  7. steven chandler says:

    Great info. thank you for sharing

  8. frankie2234 says:

    Thanks Brian

  9. moparmania74 says:

    tractor supply is a good place for decent chains of all type…

  10. Brian Buehler says:

    Nice! I have been using LPS 3 but your chain lube looks even better. The
    thing I really don’t understand are the people who say that WD40 or some
    other super thin penetrant is best for door hinges. Maybe best at making
    them fail quicker?

  11. spelunkerd says:

    I mostly use chain wax rather than lube, and it seems to work for my street
    bike. But your illustration of similarity for door hinges is a great idea.
    I’ll give it a try.

  12. briansmobile1 says:

    lol. I love Berryman!

  13. Roly Wiener says:

    No shame in making money..can’t do engineering without “stuff”. nvr seen
    hinges like this before…Germans have a habit of making stuff too
    complicated..bettya these cost big money to replace.

  14. briansmobile1 says:

    Sounds like the wire for it is shorted or melted together.

  15. knunne1 says:

    Perfect, I was looking for a solution for my squeak & grunt I am getting on
    my 2004 E150 van doors. The WD40 works for about 1 month at a time. You
    said it was not a commercial but I am going to buy a can ASAP. Thanks, I
    love secrets that work!

  16. RidingInKelowna says:

    WD-40 is more of a penetrating lubricant and has low viscosity, which
    basically makes it not a great product for long lasting lubrication in the
    spot you intended. Silicon lubes, lithium grease and others like it, are a
    better suited lube for a hinge application.

  17. rwbishop says:

    I’ve had lasting results using plain old 30W (but I also don’t work on many
    rust belt vehicles here in SoCal). In my experience, some door hinge
    designs are much more inaccessible than they so appear, and can be
    frustrating to successfully lube… I’ve discovered through the years that
    if you also lift and lower the door through it’s hinge ‘slop’ arc while
    opening/closing, it can greatly assist in lube penetration.

  18. 6speeddakota . says:

    at Honda, we used white lithium grease, but it makes a mess and it gets all
    dirty, i just use some spray lubricant

  19. holybuba says:

    i use PAM like you use to cook’ It works great on our old trucks.

  20. Pali4life2 says:

    So why is this stuff better than WD-40?

  21. Jose Rodriguez says:

    i was actually going to ask you how to fix a squeaky door thanks.

  22. iworkforbudlight says:

    Great job Brian. I would have never thought of using chain lube on my door.
    Will have to try this out. I think I have the exact same lube. Thank you
    Sir for sharing. Aloha

  23. Luke Foreman says:

    B12 Chaintool

  24. moparmania74 says:

    probably. grease doesnt get into all the tight areas. and it kinda rubs off
    and gets dirty and falls away pretty fast. id say white lithium grease in
    the can would work. as thats what i usually use myself. or even little
    squirts of 30 wt motor oil…

  25. Misha H says:

    Wow you are so awesome! Who would have thought aluminum foil would do the
    trick. I wasted money on road side assistance when my fob stopped working.
    Glad I came across this video! Thanks!!

  26. Joe Vandecamp says:

    You are amazing, Thanks.

  27. BRAD BLAIR says:

    Badass, thank you sir!

  28. Michael Jindra says:

    Worked just like you said, thanks!

  29. Conor Dowd says:

    Absolutely brilliant thanks. My remote is as good as new now thanks to you

  30. ross holman says:

    THanks for the tip, I use aluminum foil tape and a hole punch and stuck
    them on and it works perfectly.

  31. Kevin Jackson says:

    OMG this took me 2 minutes and my fob works now, thanks!!!

  32. Frank Albanese says:

    You rock! I was just doing a search to purchase replacement units for my
    van when I stumbled on this video. INSTANT FIX!

  33. Christina Martinez says:

    so happy this worked, i now have my remote working again. thank you, thank

  34. Dragon's Blossom says:

    You are a fucking genius! It is so cold where I live and the way I have to
    start my car remotely requires me to hit the “lock” button first and it
    hasn’t been working for months. I was ready to buy a new one. Works perfect
    and took a minute and was FREE!! THANK YOU!!!!

  35. Emilia L says:

    thank you!!!!! so happy!!!!

  36. robert williams says:

    it works ty

  37. Lee E says:

    Thank a lot! 5 minutes and my fob was working again. Thanks for the help
    and not trying to sell something.

  38. John Dube says:

    Worked great for the doors but now my anti thief won’t let me start the

  39. Yakun Wang says:

    Man, this works!!! Thank you so much!

  40. taxivid says:

    y0ur welc ome 😀

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