How To Install Replace Front Disc Brakes Dodge Caravan Chrysler Town and Country

November 2, 2012 by  
Filed under How To Car Videos 1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace your own worn, squeaky, fading old front brakes. This video is applicable to 2001-2007 Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country models.


25 Responses to “How To Install Replace Front Disc Brakes Dodge Caravan Chrysler Town and Country”
  1. 1aauto says:

    Thanks for watching 888-844-3393

  2. jkaputs says:

    Nicely done video. Thanks for taking the time and effort to do it. The only thing I would add is as another viewer noted: The use of anti-seize on the caliber bolts is a positive step. Thanks!

  3. shotgunn111 says:

    about to change out brakes and rotors today! this video will help alot! i have used your site in the past for my 2004 cavlier and my 93 nissan maxima! your videos are lifesavers! thanks a bunch!

  4. pinkpasielypjs says:

    Thank you sooo much we are new to the world of car repair and we had both brakes replaced on our ’05 T and C in about an hour works like a charm but we had metric bolts on ours just people know they might be different but same repair structure 🙂 ty ty ty 🙂

  5. Brian Wall says:

    The 5/16 hex wrench does NOT work on the 2006 Town and Country Touring edition. It’s too big. It needs a 7mm hex wrench. Otherwise this is an excellent video! I’ve replaced brake pads and rotors before, but so seldom that I always forget the steps. Your video was exactly what I needed. Thanks!

  6. 1aauto says:

    Thanks for checking us out. 888-844-3393

  7. cboy619 says:

    Worked like a charm, took 4 hours to do this and rotate the tires in 90+ degree weather (with plenty of rests in between).

    This video was VERY helpful, I’d recommend it to anyone! Thank you so much!!!!!

  8. 1aauto says:

    That bracket needs to come off when you’re also changing the rotor. Hope this helps you out. Have a great day! 888-844-3393

  9. 1aauto says:

    Thanks for watching. 888-844-3393

  10. 1aauto says:

    Thanks for checking us out. You may want to check out our video contest that we are having on  Here’s a link to it on our website.

  11. rleclare says:

    You just saved me a lot of cash and time sir. Total time on the job was 1hr. Not bad for my first time. You are a credit to your profession . Many thanks

  12. romansten9 says:

    whats the reason for removing the bracket that the caliper attaches to? seems like an extra step, since the pads and disc can be replaced without it.

    Also, it would have been nice to say what to do if something goes wrong! such as if the caliper doesn’t compress. the video is fine if everything goes well, but some people might get “stuck” otherwise (not a perfect world!) otherwise, well done.

  13. 1aauto says:

    You should be able to apply some of the basic steps to your Caravan that are shown in this video. You may need different sized tools, but the video will show you in which order to take things apart in. Hope this helps you out. 888-844-3393

  14. Doug Zbikowski says:

    My 2008 Town and Country is the newer body style. Not sure if this video still applies.

  15. 1aauto says:

    The town and country share the same components as the caravan so you will have the same set up as seen in the video.

  16. Stark324 says:

    Any major differences between this and the 1997 models for the Chrysler town and country? I haven’t taken a look at mine yet, but is it pretty similar? You guys are great by the way, just all around put-together company.

  17. 1aauto says:

    You can add a little anti-seize to the threads of the bolts that hold the calipers on. You do not want to put grease on the back of the brake pads, because it could end up on the rotors and make them slippery. If you trying to get the pads not to squeak, you can buy some anti-squeek lubricant for the back of the brake pads. it’s made to be applied to the back of the brake pads. Hope this helps you out.

  18. notmycupotea says:

    don’t the back of the pads need grease and the bolts where the calipers slide on also?

  19. 1aauto says:

    No problem at all. Have a great day.

  20. Cassie Stults says:

    this made my brake replacement alot easier thatnk you 1AAuto

  21. CLCDrama says:

    Nicely done. Thanks

  22. afabhanke says:

    Thanks for this video, it was extremely helpful.

  23. collegeisbs says:

    god bless you
    thank you so much for sharing!!

  24. Don Earl says:

    Thanks! Worked perfect. Very nice video.

  25. wadebenk says:

    I changed mine. Your video save me $200!

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