How to… Jump Start Your Car

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Has your car battery given up the ghost?

Check out this step by step guide to jump starting your car so you can hit the road again!

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– Battery capacity: 50800mAh.

– Input: 15V, 2A.

– Output: 5V/2A, 12V/2A,16V/3.5A,19V/3.5A.

Output Voltage at auto start:12V

Output Voltage at Laptop : 19V

– Dimension: 165*75*40mm

– USB Output: 5V-2A

– Charge Mode: CC/CV 15V-1A

– Start Current: 200A

– Peak Current: 400A (3S)

– Cycle Life: 1500 times

– Applicable temperature range: -20-60 Celsius
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22 Responses to “How to… Jump Start Your Car”
  1. Jude Haigh says:

    Yes!!! We didnt blow ourselves up, and we can carry on our adventures, hoorah!

  2. cbx086 says:

    Thank you. Very helpful and clear.

  3. thomas roles says:

    whats the name of the product

  4. Ramon Bermudez says:

    Where i can buy

  5. Steve Bollmeyer says:

    50.8 Ah = 50,800 mAh , 12 volt lithium it would weigh about 15 lbs. I call BS.

  6. Troy Colon says:

    Do This To Bring Any Old Battery to Life- Just Like New >>>

  7. all chanel says:

    Belinya dimana

  8. Harjeet Singh says:

    very poor

  9. Muhammad Imran Azad633 says:

    Pak mein is ki price kya hy??? kya ye pak mein mil sakti hai????

  10. Kajian Slafiah Haidar says:

    Jangan lupa subscribe like coment channelku ya guys namanya Lukminari Oo dan Kajian salafiah haidar

  11. Ary vanHarrick says:

    If you can only charge it at 1 Amp, it is gonna take two and a half days or so to charge it!

  12. Bhoomika Jain says:

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  13. Xela Oso says:

    So i clicked the link and the reviews are of a goddamn speaker of some sort wtf is was like ready to get this thing but now im sketched out

  14. AloneSnow アロネス says:

    Why you dont make one

  15. Edward Pascoe says:

    IF YOU OPEN UP THE RED CABLE BLADE, YOU WILL FIND 10 POWER TRANSISTORS IN THERE WHICH GIVE THE PEAK BURST OF POWER. I don't have this exact unit and bought mine in 2014, when they came on to the market.But it does start a 3.9L car in good condition. The charge socket however, keeps falling off as the plug is very thin, and it levers off the socket. I have sent it back twice now and it has happened again. It's a useful device, I am going to make my own charge cable with a bigger prong as this is its real weakness, when they send me another

  16. Sapphire Destiny says:

    There is NO way that is 50,800MAh in that small of a pack.

  17. 444 gg says:

    Wtf 50.8 amper

  18. XXxxcrisisxxXX says:

    heres from the purchase reviews lmao

    this item is fake, they say it has capacity of 50800mAh , thats not true. i doubt its even 8500mAh because it can barely charge my phone one time. and from my experience, jump Starter park doesn't work too. This is the first time paying something from this site and it surely the last , the seller wont respond to my message and customer service does not help either.

    Seller response: It has real 50800mAh battery, you doubt it but you can not prove it has fake capacity. Thanks 11 24, 2016

  19. George Hidalgo says:

    Excellent guide Craig. I'm sure this is going to help thousands of people save a bit of money [Check Details Here==> ]. It even works with solar/off-grid, marine, golf cart, and forklift batteries. Plus, many more .Anyway, thanks for the help and congratulations on a fantastic product.

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