How to USe CD Slot as Phone Holder for Car!

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How to USe CD Slot as Phone Holder for Car!

I came across this cheap Phone holder mount for the car which slides into the CD Slot. I don’t like using magnetic car holders because i don’t like using a case with a magnet on the back and I don’t like to put a suction cup on my Windscreen so this is approved by my OCD 🙂

Phone Holder in USA:
Phone Holder in UK:


Get Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in USA:
Get Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in UK:

Get Samsung Galaxy S7 in USA:
Get Samsung Galaxy S7 in UK:

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16 Responses to “How to USe CD Slot as Phone Holder for Car!”
  1. sundance kidd says:

    Would this mount into an after market CD player like, Pioneer?

  2. frank1144 says:

    I have a cellet which is better in my opinion.

  3. Dallas Dal says:

    How can you use your CD Player if that thing is in it? Many people still use Audio CDs and MP3 CDs.

  4. 012chris210 says:

    Small devices like the iPhone 6s??? That ain't a small device!😂

  5. Stephen Butler says:

    I have one similar to this, it came in one piece and seems of a higher quality, it want expensive though £12. if your CD slot is about leave with yours (mine is) they make the best mounts.

    after about 8 months, as my 6p can't be centered, as the buttons are central, the ball joint gave way. given you never have to alter the 'swivel' I just re set it to my desired position , and slowly dropped super glue into the ball joint, I was actually in Spain 2000miles from home, so I needed a quick fix. 6 months on it's still fine. and by far the best holder ive had. I've had alot over the years.

  6. Carolyn M says:

    Hi, thanks that' looks great. My husband likes the look but have you tried it out in the car for a lengthy period of time? How well does it stand up to the heat? Previous holders we've used (suction type & stick on) have ended up falling down/off after a week in the sun…Being in a country that's sunny year round, this is a concern…any feed back would be great. Thanks!

  7. adam latif says:

    are you going to do a giverway

  8. Joseph Norris says:

    can I use the 5.0 lollipop on my ztc

  9. RASH2GO says:


  10. Sahil Waheed says:

    which model of volkswagen do you have and what year is it (just curious thats why im asking) 😊

  11. Robert Walker says:

    I hope Mophie ( or someone) uses this as the base for a wireless charger.

  12. Shaw A says:

    So close to 100k subscribers!!!

  13. Nizam Ahmed says:

    Amazing vid inam

  14. smartshoppingg says:

    I have found that the best spot for the phone car mount is on top of the dash so that you don't take your eyes off the road

  15. Konstantin Rusev says:

    Pretty nice thingy

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