Hybrid Electronic Inverter Unit

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Hybrid Electronic Inverter Unit

A very advanced piece of equipment and the heart of every Hybrid system is the Inverter. This component is in charge of charging the HV batteries, modulating the power to the electric drives, recovering the REGEN electric power, controlling M1 and M2, provide up to 500 volts of power to the drives and much more. This is indeed the heart of the system and a very dangerous proposition if you choose to disassemble it. Information is also provided here for first aid responders. See it here in clear detail with CG animation. Hybrid Electronic Inverter Unit. Copyright Mandy Concepcion.


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Longjann – manufacturer of 150w car power inverter in China

Compact Power Inverter plugs directly into your cigarette lighter outlet, converts DC power to 110V or 220V AC delivering up to 150W of power, One AC outlet + one USB port with up to 2.1A output

Input Voltage: DC 12V 15A max
Rated Output Power: 150W
Peak Output Power: 300W
Overload Protection: 180W
Transfer Efficiency: 87%

Overload and Short-circuit Protection
Voltage Protection: Low-voltage 10-11V over voltage 15-16V
Over Heat Protection: 60℃ ± 5℃

Application: Power a laptop or a small appliance + charge phones, tablets, GPS units, and other gadgets in your car. Not intended to run things with electric motors.

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How to choose Power inverter?

How to choose Power inverter?

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5 Responses to “Hybrid Electronic Inverter Unit”
  1. romansten9 says:


    Test drove a 2007 Prius today. Battery had blue bars, looked same level as in the video, with 2-bars missing. I drove it for about 30 minutes, at least 15 min of that on the highway, and the meter didnt get higher, didnt turn green. Is that a problem? Do I need to drive it longer to make sure it turns green eventually before buying it?

  2. david lyman says:

    thank you. for the information

  3. Nate Davis says:

    Good basic information on hybrids

  4. David Mortiz says:

    Great information!

  5. Semsam Phoren says:

    I want use it with battery. but my battery is 12.9v nearly 13v. so can i use it?

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