Mercedes Oil Drip Pan | PCV Replacement DIY

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Replace this part or your air intake manifold will die. I’m not kidding! This part wears thin with a groove line that allows oil to slip past after which it ends up in the air intake manifold and causes damage if not rectified quickly.

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14 Responses to “Mercedes Oil Drip Pan | PCV Replacement DIY”
  1. Colin Aglae says:

    Nice video. Many thanx. Good & informative DIY replacement of the PCV/Oil drip Pan !!

  2. Fareed Ahmed says:

    What mileage or age and what type of engine/ models??

  3. Jammell Brown says:

    Can u replace coil with any cool t or it's a specific cool for each

  4. Jammell Brown says:

    Hello it's jammell can u tell me the how the engine could are numbered on a v8 engine in what order are they if u are standing in front of car

  5. J. Badinter says:

    The PCV valve and its diaphragm is the culprit, not the internal part in metal rubbing against the soft plastic diaphragm. Replacing the PCV valve it enough.
    But thank you for the reminder of reverse thread.

  6. Feyi Joseph says:

    Thanks so much for this video!! Question should I buy the oil separator as well? Or will the oil drip pan and the pcv be ok? Installing a new manifold and just taking precautions so it doesn't occur again.. thanks bro

  7. Maxwell Smart says:

    Great video, as usual. After this is done, is there any way to do at least some cleanup of the oil/carbon buildup in the intake manifold and intake valves without having to remove the intake manifold? I see videos of people dropping water through carburetors on warm engines to cleanup carbon in the intake; is there a comparable method for cars with fuel injection and MAF sensors that is safe and effective?Thank you again for a great job.

  8. Alazar Gebremariam says:

    hi! what kind of a camera are you using? it seems to fit in the tightest of the engine bay! good video and instructions.

  9. daw dawiskid says:

    great work bud!!

  10. havcxxx says:

    Great Video ! Well done!
    Time to switch this part out!! Thanks again !

  11. Move It says:

    Thanks for the great videos ! Question, Other then oil in the breather hose, are there any signs or systems or performance issues that would tell us these parts have failed?

  12. Jake Hand says:

    Just did this on my 08 E350, thank you for the how-to! You're the only person I've found that posted the whole process, not just the cover. Keep up the great videos!

  13. Rave Science says:

    great work! liked

  14. Medicine Herbal says:

    You're good !

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