OBD2 Fault Code Diagnostic Scanner/Readers @ Diagnostic World

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Call Curtis at (+1) 844-210-9020 or go www.Auteltech.co.za

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20 Responses to “OBD2 Fault Code Diagnostic Scanner/Readers @ Diagnostic World”
  1. Kutelo Keith says:

    am in Namibia and am interested into purchasing that device. can you please email all details including price to my email address below:

  2. areanna beyer says:

    umm, I looked on your webpage and I found these spelling errors. "After we learn about your companies diagnostic requirments and educate you o our tools, you will know be aable to clearly see which device is a perfect match for your needs." requirement spelled wrong, "you o our tools" is wrong. should be (you to) you used "know" instead of (now) able does not have two a's. and this is just in one sentence. Fire whoever it is that made your webpage. Also the sentence prior to this one you spelled benefits "benefiets ". This does not make you appear very professional. I usually can care less about a persons grammar and spelling. This is the first time I have ever called someone out on it, but only because the mistakes are so obvious and numerous. Anyway… might wanna fix that.

  3. Ozzstar says:

    Does the 908 work with General Motors, OBD1? Thanks

  4. mobal racing says:

    que costó tiene

  5. ling john says:

    Hi im kenny from sarawak here, i looking for scan tools, may i know more detail about your autel scan tools, can you E-mail to me. klsk_93@hotmail.com thank you

  6. Lazr 1776 says:

    My new printer is Wifi. Do I need A "Go between" device,(such as A laptop.) to print ?  I would think "Probably not" =Printer has memory storage capabilitys. Like SD slots & so fouth.

  7. Lazr 1776 says:

    I didn't see A listing for my "Buggotti" or "Rolls Ryce". Lol. I am realy interested  in 1 of these units. Have been researching & think I have my mind made up. Thanks Curtis 4 making the videos.

  8. John ming says:

    do I have to pay the manufactures to download the software into the vehicles with your tool?

  9. michael angelo mago says:

    good day sir can i ask? what is the best diagnostic scanner that can scan both ISUZU elf 4HF1 1995 model KI3C Hino Tractor Head? pls email me @ bhabieclover@yahoo.com i really need it thank you sir

  10. nasarami says:

    One question sir, could this tool change the language on a navy screen and all readings are in Korean in my friends car and no option to change through normal settings. Thank you

  11. nasarami says:

    Looks like a good scanner, sure the lovely Lady holing the tablet makes it even look better. Great video thanks for posting.

  12. Дмитрий Дмитрий says:

    Hello.I'll hear it is not a proper translation from an interpreter Google to ask for help I want to be engaged in repairing cars but with equipment in Russia the problem of the price of equipment is very expensive. If you have broken or worn out equipment, then I'm ready to buy it ready to pay customs

  13. Jack Johnson says:

    I''d like to touch base with you ole chap. I'll try the email address you've posted here.

  14. Дмитрий Дмитрий says:

    Hello sorry for the bluntness of the question but if you have not needed or broken diagnostic equipment then I'm willing you to pribresti the fact that I am from Russia and here to find such equipment very difficult I do minor repairs on cars

  15. John Chisholm says:

    She's got a deep voice Lol

  16. ajazi72 says:

    what is the best model work on mini coopers ?
    thanks .
    try to call the service line I cant get any answers

  17. El mero mero says:

    What's the price

  18. sashariel hung says:

    how much ?

  19. carl banistar says:


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