Overview of GPS Trackers for vehicles

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Overview of GPS Trackers for vehicles

Buying a GPS tracker for a vehicle? Watch this before you buy one. I cover the different types of GPS trackers and the 2 main considerations you need to make before buying one.

Hardwired tracker: GPS103B TK103B

OBD Tracker: LinxUp

GPS Data Logger: i-gotU GT-120

Battery Powered GPS Unit: Queclink GL300
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Best Car GPS Tracker 2018.

Item specifics
• Brand Name:AUTOPMALL
• GPS type:GPS Tracker
• Model Name:TK905
• Item Size:90*72*22mm
• Screen Size:Under 2 Inches
• Special Feature:Waterproof
• Gps Module:Yes
• Voltage:12V
• Out Power:W
• Battery Life:30 Hours & Up
• Standby Time:Around 90 Days
• Battery:Chargeable 3.7V 5000mAh Li-ion Battery
• Weight:168g
• Band:GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
• GPS Sensitivity:-159dBm
• GPS Accuracy:5m
• Magnetic:Support,Easy to be installed
• Waterproof:IP65
• Web&APP Tracking:Life Time Free
• Warranty:One Year

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21 Responses to “Overview of GPS Trackers for vehicles”
  1. Y. Gordon says:

    Did you make an installation video?

  2. Patrick Scherer says:

    Great review , but I am more interested with your dog Hahahha

  3. Jake Bowling says:

    So why can't they make a system that works like the systems you get for hunting dogs where it sends the location back to your device? Sounds like it would be better just to get one of those and retrofit some kind of charge system so that it will run off the cars battery instead of double A's then there's no monthly fee and you get real time location AND location history, and it only relies on satellite signal not cell tower.

  4. Caleb Creswell says:

    Show me how to install the long lasting tracker

  5. Dunjo Dia says:

    all i want is a mini tracker to hind in my car and track it through my phone in real time…..i cant believe how hard it is for people to make this!

  6. Loco Moco says:

    epic great video, I never understood how these worked. Im about to start rideshare, and I live in a shady neighborhood. If the car gets stolen I want it back lolz

  7. Jim Bingham says:

    Please make a video on a gps tracker. I am restoring a older model vehicle that has a high theft market. I want to install the tracker that wires into the vehicle's electrical system. I like your "Dark Metal" medallion, how do I order two?

  8. Amir Ex says:

    great info thanks
    may you plz tell me your watch brand that you are are wear on video ?😁🤔

  9. Neil Chotai says:

    Yes make a vid on how to install…i have a Kia Cerato 2017 model an I want to install a GPS but can't find the constant power source…. could anyone help ???

  10. Lord of Thunder says:

    Hi, I have a Honda NT700V 2008 motorbike and I have it parked in my driveway but unlocked so I would like to know what would be the best GPS real time tracker, mainly if it is stolen!! Thanks.

  11. Larry Bustamante says:

    Great Video, I'm looking for a trackers for my Power Tools. I have a couple of RIDGID 32 in. x 19 in. Portable Storage Chest I need to make sure don't leave my job site. Thanks again.

  12. Ufo Trailers says:

    great video THANKS

  13. brian keenan says:

    Did you manage to make a video of the installation? I ordered the exact one you had in this video. Though i have a brand new car so I dont want to go poking around in it without seeing first what to do. Thanks in advance!

  14. OLA Olami says:


  15. carloslebaron says:

    Lets see. There are cheap GPS trackers that need a SIM card, which will reply a received text message with a text message giving the coordinates of the location of the vehicle at that moment. In my case, from home, I just write the coordinates given by the device in any search service and will have the location in a map or the street or similar. No other extra payment but $30 for 6 months SIM card service bought on eBay.

  16. STuTe51 says:

    Where did you buy the hard-wired permanent GPS Tracker?

  17. Silent Majority says:

    GREAT informative video! Thanks!

  18. spawnofnaamah says:

    11:39 gsm antenna seeing satellites in the sky? You surely must mean GSM masts. Don't think most phones come equipped with satellite connection, it needs a special breed of phone to call through satellite. Other than that great vid.

  19. Dennis E Lundgren says:

    Is there a hardwired tracker that just texts Long /Lat GPS 3 or 4 times a day for use on equipment trailers via sims cards…..

  20. Cosmic Flow DN says:

    Does the Hardwired tracker: GPS103B TK103B tracker work even if the vehicle is turned off, seeing as it is required to be connected to the car's battery?

  21. wowerman says:

    What is the current drawn by tracker from main battery when LIVE mode and Sleep mode?

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