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My review on the Infinitum Battery Desulfator. I think this is a must have item if you have anything that uses a 12v lead acid battery.This thing works great both mine and my wifes quad starts up much easyer now after running this unit on both batteries. If you are interested in picking one of these up here is where i got mine. or http make sure when ordering to get the 12v model A message was sent to me in responce to Davidsfarm’s post from BATTERY TECH SOLUTIONS the maker of the unit i reviewed in this video and here is there comment. Battery Tech Solutions : To test the desulfator’s effectiveness, you would need to test the batteries CCA and Ohms before and after desulfation. The CCAs should increase while the Ohms decrease. they also sell a tester that does what is discribed in there comment and it can be found at this link. .


25 Responses to “Review :: Battery Desulfator”
  1. SOLARCELLS101 says:

    Nive Video Thanks for the info I hope it keeps working for you
    David SOLARCELLS101

  2. Dennkord says:

    see the best desulfator

    search : delta pulser
    best desulfator i have ever seen and used

  3. Dennkord says:

    See this

  4. shartne says:

    SASWEET DEAL! where did you get the infinitum desulfator at? Is that one of the better ones. I am going to get a little one do you think it ll work.

  5. rokedemiah says:

    KEWL! I’ve got for lead batteries that I have to deal with and this is one of several video reviews Ive seen for this in utube so I’m going for it. Thanks

  6. MyJACOBUS says:

    very good video!! please cut your fingernails!!!!!!!!

  7. Tooextrememx says:

    i have used this on a few batteries that i thought were dead and have given them life once again.what you would need to do is have the battery tested to make sure it is able to take a slight don’t have to hold the charge it just has to accept it.then you hook a desulfator to the battery and let it trickle charge for about 2-3 weeks testing it every few days to see if the voltage on the battery is increasing when it isn’t on the charger.

  8. polariskid95 says:

    Would this work on a completely dead battery

  9. Bronislawsky says:

    nice video, but you really suck at holding a camera.. maybe you should buy a tripod

  10. afong822 says:

    If your batteries are crapping out that fast in the first place, may be that you’re charging it too fast and too much? Hook that little 4AH baby to a full size car charger for several hours, and I’ll bet you’re overcharging it, and hydrolyzing much of the water in the electrolyte. Also, I agree the final test would be to test your recovered batteries under load.

  11. Tooextrememx says:

    it basically disolves the sulfer buildup that has formed on the plates back into the fluid.

  12. yamaha69x says:

    so what does this do to the battrey

  13. armygta4 says:

    ok thanks alot man

  14. Tooextrememx says:

    Yea just like the one I have just a differant model.most all the Chinese quads are the same they all use a Honda clone motor.they also tend to have electrical issues mainly with ground wires.

  15. armygta4 says:

    ok just see my atv 125cc video and tell me if thats like yours?

  16. Tooextrememx says:

    The links I posted in the discription of this video is where you get the units from they are really good guys and shipping is actually pretty quick concidering they are sent from malasia. Either link can be used they are both the same company and same prices.

  17. Tooextrememx says:

    Check all your wirering cuz if it is getting burnt in one spot it may be grounding out on something which would cause your battery to die fast.

  18. armygta4 says:

    is that website safe because can’t find it on ebay

  19. armygta4 says:

    I have a 125cc like the one in the video but my battery only last like a week after that I have to charge it and the black wire is little burned up is that the problem? pleas help

  20. origionaldz says:

    Don’t be fooled by static battery voltage (battery under no load). Batteries should be tested with a load present (i.e. cranking an engine over). This unit just sends very quick discharge pulses to try and knock some of the sulfur off of the internal cell plates. AGM (gel packs) really only last correctly about 4 years.

  21. triumph48 says:

    ~ I appreciate your prompt and informative reply . I am now a wiser person ~ Thankyou

  22. Tooextrememx says:

    these units are not chargers they are to be used with a charger or directly connected for as long as you like to your battery in your car or bike.with the fact that it is not a charger it is not restricted to a 2amp tickle charge like most units i have seen that are charger/desulfator combo units.i have also seen some of the cobo units out there say they can only be used with bikes.the infinitum units can be used an all 12volt lead acid batteries and some of the other 12volt styte batteries.

  23. triumph48 says:

    Please forgive my ignorance . I’m not certain about the difference between these Infinitum Desulfators and the standard ‘trickle charge’ units such as Optimax / Optimate as used for motorcycles . I’ve been advised to leave my Optimax unit on my Triumph for a couple of days and it does the same job .
    In fairness the Optimax costs about £50 ( $70 ? ) and ‘tops up’ the charge as and when required .
    Is the unit shown just an Optimax by another name ?

  24. Tooextrememx says:

    you can find where to get the same unit i reviewed in this video by clicking on (more info) in the discription.

    they are about $40-50 including shipping well worth the investment if you own more then 1 thing that uses a 12v battery.

  25. samking12 says:

    awesome were and how much?

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