Survival Skills 101: BASIC Car First Aid Kit

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This is what I carry in my Jeep First Aid Kit. I focus on first aid for camping. I was out camping 32 times this year. Yours might differ depending on what your goals are.

You should always have a car first aid kit along with some latex gloves, bandages and band-aids. I have a smaller first aid kit that is easier to get to in case I come across a car accident. Here are some videos of my other first aid kits.

Squad First Aid Kit

Helping at a Car Accident

Get Home Bag

Downed Operator Kit

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Rob is at the PDN Training Tour Truck to discuss keeping emergency medical equipment in a vehicle. We may want to render aid after a traffic accident, defensive situation, or other incident where people need help. The medical kit should be staged so it can be quickly and easily accessed. Rob’s vehicle kit includes a range kit with basics for treating gunshot wounds, but the larger vehicle kit contains devices that can be used to treat crushing injuries.


23 Responses to “Survival Skills 101: BASIC Car First Aid Kit”
  1. Abdulrahman Asad says:

    Are you serious? Did the boy die?

  2. ren jobber says:

    Imagine if an unexpected crisis strikes, do you have everything planned out and ready to go? You might want to take a look at Trankors Survival Secret for the strategies that have stood the test of time.

  3. Daniel Wood says:

    You will need a first aid kit if anyone sees you in public with that dbag hat!
    Who are you Crocodile Dundee?

  4. David Weirauch says:

    Never ceases to surprise me how many people don't have any type of first aid kit/bag of any kind. Went on a week long camping trip with three other guys last year and between the three of them they didn't have squat other than bandannas.  A week of knives, exes, saws and brush; oh I forgot the camp fire cooking.  My ,F/A bag got a work out .  I now carry 3 tubes of crazy glue not just one.  Remember, if you use it you need to replace it asap!!! 

  5. ManOfMany Thingz says:

    Very good video I really enjoy your channel

  6. Spent Rounds says:

    Happy wife, happy camping life. 🙂 

  7. Guns and Gear Network says:

    Rob, nice FJ. Do you still have it? I love mine and plan on keeping it forever.

  8. H M says:

    You CANNOT evacuate a pneumothorax with a fucking needle. You will introduce more air into the pleural space and make it worse, potentially collapsing the lung. That's if you haven't lacerated it already since you are untrained. I will not go into how to aspirate a pneumothorax here because laypersons do not need to know. You need to STOP doing these videos and making people think they can render this type of care. This is absolutely ridiculous. Also, please know that you happening upon an injured person and initiating any type of care (let alone this amateur science experiment) is known legally as assault and battery. Even professional EMS personnel must be careful about working under 'implied consent' if a victim is unconscious, assuming they would want help if they could ask for it. But this is very sketchy territory, especially if things do not go well and you end up causing more damage than good. Stick to bandaids and such. There are so many things wrong with the advice in this video I don't know where to begin. If you or any of your "followers" even came near me or a loved one with this equipment I would sue the living shit out of you.

  9. Arnold El says:

    You can have all the gear in the world, but its no good if you don't know how to use it.Its better to get a medical training/education en just the basic kit.

  10. Empire outdoors says:

    personally, I wouldn't want it that far out of reach, if I'm in an accident minor or major, there is no way you would be able to reach it all the way in the back of the vehicle. I keep mine strapped to the back of my passenger seat

  11. Robert D Littler says:

    I would like to get the set up you have on the back door, for my pickup's tailgate. Do you or anyone knows where I could find something like that so I can put on the tailgate of a pickup. 2009 Chevrolet, Silverado 1500 king cab.

  12. UsedStryker says:

    You are amazingly prepared for an emergency. I’m not sure if everyone is up to have this kind of medical equipment in their cars, but it’s good to know that there are people who are ready for emergency situations. 

  13. mavrick561 says:

    What pack is that?

  14. ainfantry7 says:

    It's Airway first Rob…The light is for checking pupils and you should use a 14 gauge not 4 gauge for chest decompression.

  15. max4gooser says:

    Gunslinger the NPA can be very dangerous to use in anyone with head or facial trauma. Rob ABC the airway comes before circulation (breathing). If they don't have an airway it won't be long before the bleeding stops on its own.

  16. max4gooser says:

    I'm a paramedic and I would not carry the needle decompression device in my personal vomit, as I would not want to be sued or go to jail for unlawful possession of a hypodermic needle. . Some bad advice in this video I am afraid.

  17. joe williams says:

    Another item which I carry when I go camping but is great for a emergency medical kit is the SOL Adventure Medical Heatsheets Emergency Blanket

  18. joe williams says:

    Two other good items is to keep some sterile surgical gloves the ones that are powdered on the inside for ease on use and flares to call attention and to prevent other drives from creating a worse situation by running into you or the victim(s).

  19. BearsArms45 says:

    Anybody know what sort of mounting solution is being used on the trucks gate? I could definitely use a Velcro system like that on my Jeep!

  20. Ben Lawson says:

    Look for ITS Tactical they sell a lot of trauma kits. They have some good videos on YouTube on how to use their equipment

  21. ncooley2007 says:

    Can you please post a link for what Emergency trauma kit that is and where to buy it?

  22. Gunslinger454 says:

    BTW, my previous post was intended as general information and not a comment on Rob's kit or training.

  23. Gunslinger454 says:

    The decompression needle is a great thing to have in your kit. However, if you don't have the proper training to use it DO NOT USE IT! It is very easy to accidentally kill someone with one of those. I keep a decompression needle in my kit, but until I get more training I will not use it! It is there just in case there is a qualified person on scene who doesn't happen to have a kit of their own.

    For airway management nasopharyngeal airways are pretty easy to use even with minimal training.

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