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How to check car for blown fuses with multimeter (electric & electronic DIY diagnostics)

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How to check car for blown fuses with multimeter (electric & electronic DIY diagnostics)

Check for blown fuses in your car using a multimeter. Checking fuses is one of the first diagnostic procedures when experiencing issues with electrical or electronic systems in your vehicle.
Before going to your car dealer and paying for service, check it yourself with this tutorial.

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+Ford spark plug thread repair kit+ TIME-SERT BLOWN OUT SPARK PLUG REPAIR blow out thread repair kit

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How to Find and Replace A Blown Fuse in Your Car or Truck

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In this video, 1A Auto shows you how to find and replace a blown fuse in your car or truck. This video is universal to all makes, models and years.
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Video tutorial on how to test a vehicle’s fuses to determine if they are need of a replacement using various methods. This tutorial does include four different methods which are using a test light/lamp, testing voltage with a multimeter, doing a visual inspection, and testing for continuity with a multimeter. Fuse boxes are found on various locations throughout your vehicle depending on your make or model. Some of these locations can consist of under the dashboard, on the side of the dashboard, under the hood, in the trunk, in the glove box, under the seat, etc. You will have to consult with your vehicles owner’s manual to determine where it is located. This particular tutorial was done on a 2003 Dodge Dakota. When replacing a fuse, it is mandatory to replace it with the appropriate rated fuse so you do not risk damaging your vehicle’s electrical system.

Tools/Supplies Needed:
-test light/lamp

-locate your fuse panel and remove the access cover
-determine what fuse is required to be tested
-some circuits will need to be power up, for example the ignition either needs to be on or on accessories to power up the radio
-find a sufficient ground source if you are too far away from the battery
-if using a test light/lamp, put the ground clamp on a sufficient ground located or negative battery terminal, touch the test probe on the two test points on the fuse
-if the test light/lamp does not light up on either test terminal, the circuit may not be powered up or there is an issue with the circuit
-if the test light/lamp only lights up on one test terminal and not the other, the fuse will need to be replaced
-if the test light/lamp lights up on both test terminals, the fuse is good
-if using a multimeter, set it to the DC voltage on the two place reading
-clamp the ground probe on a sufficient ground source or negative battery terminal
-using the positive probe, test the test terminals on the fuse
-if no voltage is shown, the circuit may not be powered up or there is an issue with the circuit
-if voltage is shown on one test terminal and not the other, the fuse will need to be replaced
-if voltage is shown on both test terminals, the fuse is good
-we can also do a visual inspection on the fuse, depending on the type it may or may not need to be removed
-inspect the fusible link inside the fuse to see if it’s broken or there is a burnt spot on the housing
-using a multimeter we can also check for continuity
-set the multimeter to the lowest ohms setting, this can ONLY be done when the fuse is out of the vehicle otherwise you do risk the chance of damaging electronics in your vehicle
-touch the probes together to ensure the multimeter is functioning correctly
-touch each test probe on each terminal on the fuse and ensure there is continuity
-if there is no continuity, the fuse will need to be replaced

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Audi R8 – Super Car Towing – Broken Down – First World Problem Blown Radiator Hose

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For the Car / Motorvation Enthusiast – Brought to you by the car guys at; Loading Super Car without destroying front bumper bar with scratches! – We can call you back!…

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