How To Repair Broken Plastic Car Parts

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How To Repair Broken Plastic Car Parts


This video is meant to be an easy and cheap way of fixing automotive parts which anyone can do at home. From the most experienced to no experience. If I got into the whole sanding, filling, priming, painting, color matching, now the cost is about the same as getting a new part and also beyond many peoples skill set.

Anyone who has repaired plastic know you cannot restore things like new without investing more money. At which point the cost saving is not worth the time to do such a repair.

By the way, it’s been several years since this video was made and the owner tells me it’s still holding up and very happy with the result. All for .

How to Fix Repair Broken Car Keyless Entry Remote Keyfob Buttons

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How to Repair Broken Keyless Entry Remote Case Buttons
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See All Remote Starters:

A remote starter can add to your driving comfort by pre-heating your car in the winter or cooling it down in the summer.

And you can add other great convenience features at the same time. Heres how to select the remote starter thats right for you.

Check the requirements for your vehicle. You may need an adapter harness or an interface module to have access to all the features you want to control such as remote unlocking for trunk and doors or alarm. All remote starters sold by Canadian Tire are compatible with automatic or manual transmissions.

Choose a transmitter range that accommodates your lifestyle. A shorter range if you park near your house or a longer range if you make trips to the mall or movie theatre. The operating range may be reduced if the parking lot is crowded or obstructed.

A remote starter that works through an app. on your smart phone has virtually unlimited range.

Look for a remote that has the features you want. You may be able to add features that your car wasnt originally equipped with. Functions like remote unlocking for doors and trunk or an alarm or more.

Some remote starters offer two-way communication and can send you a notification that your car has started or if someone has attempted to break in to your car.

Some remote starters are modular the remote control and the starter module are sold separately. That way you can upgrade to a different remote control to add features without having to install a new starter module.

This one-way two-button remote offers remote car starting and stopping with the option of adding on additional functions.

It has a range of about 950 feet.

If your car has a chip-enabled starting key the steering wheel will remain locked until you are within range.

The transmitter can learn up to 4 different codes…

…and the starter module can be programmed to start your car at pre-set intervals when the temperature drops.

You can add lock unlock and trunk release features later if you want.

This model has a four button transceiver and an additional companion transmitter is included.

The transmitters range is 1600 feet (490 m)

The receiver module features five zone monitoring and has a two-stage shock sensor connected to the alarm. The miniature horn emits a 130db alarm.

Besides remote starting this unit offers keyless entry and trunk release.

This remote starter has a hand-held 6-button two-way transceiver with a colour LCD display and a companion 4-button transceiver.

You can monitor your car and send commands from as far away as 2200 feet (670 m)

You get visual and audible confirmation that the commands have been received on the colour LCD screen and from a small speaker.

A digital read-out tells you how long the car has been running.

There is also a Panic mode/car finder feature.

The remote includes standard remote starter features as well as keyless entry and sophisticated alarm features.

The remote sends detailed zone intrusion information regarding possible intrusions. The alarm uses a miniature 130 db horn

The Zone Bypass feature prevents repetitive false alarms by disabling frequently triggered sensors.

An antenna-mounted blue LED lets you and potential thieves – know that the system is armed and active.

You can add the SmartStart module and control all the features and more from your smart phone.

Its range is virtually unlimited

The downloadable app. allows you to control your cars start lock and unlock functions by pushing a button on you smartphone.

If youre locked out or have dead battery help is available. Roadside assistance is just a push of a button away.

Every time you lock your car SmartPark notes the location. Press “Find My Car” and you will be guided right back to where you left it.

SmartStart will help you avoid getting a parking ticket by keeping track of how much parking time youve got left on the meter.

Install it yourself or check with your local Canadian Tire store for complete professional installation.

You can see a complete line of remote car starters spare remotes and accessories at Canadian Tire.

How to fix broken cable housing end with bicycle brake adjuster – ford car truck van door won’t open

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How to fix broken cable housing end with bicycle brake adjuster - ford car truck van door won't open

This video replaces “Ford repair for truck rear door wont open”. Shows how to fix broken cables that prevent many Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury car and truck doors from opening. Its an easy fix. Just file a bicycle brake adjuster to resemble the shape of the original housing end. This idea can be used to fix other types of cables also.

How to remove Ford rear door panels with/while door stuck shut:
How to open stuck truck, van, or car door latch with broken cable:
How to fix a broken cable housing using cable housing repair kits: (coming soon)
Broken cable housing repair (Extras):(coming soon)

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Fixing My Broken Italian Cars – Repair Estimate

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Costs estimates are in for my broken Italian cars, probably not as bad as you thought.

Follow up to “My Italian Cars Broke while parked” video

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How To Install Repair Replace Broken Tailgate Handle Dodge Ram 02-08

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1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace a broken or snapped tailgate handle. This video is applicable to 2002-2008 Dodge Ram models.
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