Automotive Engineering Change: The Key to Cost Reduction for Competitive Advantage

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The automotive industry has seen significant change over the last couple of decades, but looking to the future, there will be even more significant changes. With possibilities for cars that drive themselves and run far more cleanly in the not too distant future, automotive companies will be in a global race to come out on top. Meanwhile, costs must be managed so as not to push car prices to even more unaffordable levels. R&D and engineering are key to making this happen. Adopting Best-in-Class product development practices will help companies improve their efficiency so that they may incorporate more innovation into their vehicles, while still meeting budgets.

One of the areas automotive companies struggle with that will help them improve their efficiency is change management. Based on the experiences of 230 respondents, this report identifies best practices for change management to help automotive companies innovate, yet reduce development costs to bring to market the automobiles of the future.

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How to change Ambient Air Temperature Sensor – 2005 Infiniti G35

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Replace Ambient Air Temprature Sensor on a 2005 Infiniti G35

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Car engine oil and filter change

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Changing the oil is the single most important thing you can do to prolong engine life. Why pay a garage to do it? It’s easy when Haynes shows you how.

EASIEST Oil Change – No Tools and No Mess – Fumoto Drain Valve

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I found a way to change my engine oil fast and easy with no mess. The Fumoto Drain Valve replaces the drain valve on your engine’s oil pan and enables you to drain your oil quickly with no tools.

I got my Fumoto F-106 valve on Amazon:

If you are thinking of saving time and money by performing your own oil change, I strongly recommend you install one of these valves. There are a few options to choose from so go to the Fumoto website ( to find the model that fits your engine.

Routine oil changes are a breeze for me now. I simply pick up the oil and filter from Walmart and do a quick oil change when I need to.

Oil and Filter Specs for my Ford E-450 V10 Engine:
6 quarts Motorcraft 5W-20 Motor Oil (Amazon:
1 Motorcraft FL-820S Oil Filter (Amazon:

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CS -Change Meetings to Quarterly – Mar 6, 2014 – Emeryville City-School Meeting

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US Economic Indicators - GDP, PMI, CPI, PPI, LEI, BEA, BLS, inflation, Federal Reserve Bank, rates

the complete course
Ever read Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”? One of the important messages in Robert Kiyosaki’s book is that we can increase our financial wealth by increasing our financial intelligence.He mentions that financial intelligence is made up of four technical skills – Accounting, Investing, Understanding Markets and the Law. The goal of this course is to learn one of those essential technical skills – understanding markets. The key to understanding markets is to understand economic indicators such as growth, inflation, interest rates, the impact of these indicators on the financial markets (stock, bond and FX) and central bank’s reaction to these indicators. This our goal as a first step towards financial intelligence, which can be achieved through this course.

We find bits and pieces of information on macro economic indicators, news headlines on how the markets rise and fall on the release of these macroeconomic indicators, how politicians and citizens react on a sudden rise in unemployment rates and how the central bank decides to increase interest rates by a 0.25%. But to make the connections between economic entities, indicators, financial markets, central banks and politics we need a much deeper insight to their workings.

The Quarterly GDP Report
Car Sales Report
Retail Sales Report
Personal Income and Outlays Report
Housing Starts
Durable Goods
Factory Orders and Manufacturing Inventories
Construction Spending
Trade Balance Report
Purchasing Manager’s Index
Industrial Production
Leading Economic Indicators
Beige Book
Consumer Confidence Index
Consumer Credit Report
GDP Deflators
Consumer Price Index
Producer Price Index

By the end of this course you will have all the tools necessary to start making the connections between the economy, financial markets and central banks.
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