Automotive Engineering Change: The Key to Cost Reduction for Competitive Advantage

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The automotive industry has seen significant change over the last couple of decades, but looking to the future, there will be even more significant changes. With possibilities for cars that drive themselves and run far more cleanly in the not too distant future, automotive companies will be in a global race to come out on top. Meanwhile, costs must be managed so as not to push car prices to even more unaffordable levels. R&D and engineering are key to making this happen. Adopting Best-in-Class product development practices will help companies improve their efficiency so that they may incorporate more innovation into their vehicles, while still meeting budgets.

One of the areas automotive companies struggle with that will help them improve their efficiency is change management. Based on the experiences of 230 respondents, this report identifies best practices for change management to help automotive companies innovate, yet reduce development costs to bring to market the automobiles of the future.

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Students Share#1: RWTH Aachen M.Sc. Automotive Engineering

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Masters in Automotive Engineering in RWTH Aachen.
Questions covered:
1. Mohit’s profile
2. The application process
3. Difference between Hochschule and University
4. Visa extension if you have to prolong your studies
5. Life in Aachen
6. Interaction in the university with Professors
7. Difference between the courses CAME (Computer Aided Conception and Production in Mechanical Engineering) and Automotive Engineering
8. Job opportunities in Germany after Masters in Automotive Engineering
9. Blocked Account
10. Internship and HiWi (Wissenschaftliche Hilfskräfte)

RWTH Aachen is the best university to pursue your Masters from in Germany. There are very less universities which come even closer to it and it’s reputation and this interview helps you discover all the different things that this public university with 50,000 students has to offer specially in the field of Automotive Engineering Masters in Germany.
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How the Automotive and Ground Transportation Industry is Accelerating with Pervasive Engineering Simulation

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Regulators continue to demand improvements in safety and emissions. The automotive industry must deliver these increasingly complex products to market faster, in the face of increasing competition from traditional sources, new geographies and new entrants and with continued pressure to reduce cost. Failure of any magnitude can result in significant, and even irreparable, financial and brand impact.

Automotive and ground transportation companies are making strategic investments in simulation to address the disruptive forces of connectivity, autonomy and electrification.

Download this eBook to learn where the industry is making these investments in simulation and the ROI achieved in

  • Meeting product launch dates
  • Length of development time and
  • Simulation Total Cost of Ownership

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Download All Engineering Books For Free

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Download engineering books vis torrent

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Download engineering books vis torrent

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