How To Install Replace Ambient Outside Air Temperature Sensor 2004-08 Ford F150

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How To Install Replace Ambient Outside Air Temperature Sensor 2004-08 Ford F150
1A Auto shows you how to remove, install, change or replace an ambient temperature sensor. This video is applicable to the 04, 05, 06, 07, 08 Ford F150

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1. Removing the Temperature Sensor 0:34
2. Installing the New Temperature Sensor 0:59

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Ford F-150/Bronco 5 Bolt Automatic locking hub Disassembly and repair

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In this video i will disassemble and discuss how to repair an automatic locking hub from an 87-96 ford F-150 or Bronco. I know these are hated by most people and just swapped out for manual locking hubs. but this is a free fix that keeps your truck original. Enjoy!


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A common problem on Ford F series and Expeditions of this year through 2004. This problem and repair has been well documented else where, so I take no credit for it, Just made this video to show the location of the problem and the repair.
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DIY: Ford Ranger Blend Door Actuator Diagnosis and Repair

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Video tutorial on how to diagnose and repair the blend door actuator on a Ford Ranger. The two main issues with a failing blend door actuator is when you adjust the interior temperature on the hvac control panel, you will either hear a clicking sound or the temperature will be stuck on either hot, cold, or won’t adjust the cabin temperature. If you catch the issue in the right time, then it is repairable and you don’t need to buy a replacement actuator. This particular vehicle I am working with is a 1998 Ford Ranger, but a similar procedure may also apply to Mazda B series models as well.

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Tools/Supplies Needed:
-contact cleaner
-blend door actuator
-gear replacement
-standard/flat screwdriver

-as mentioned above the two main issues is you will either hear a clicking sound in the dash when adjusting the temperature or the temperature can’t be adjusted
-it is located behind the glove box
-remove the contents of the glove box, then bend the sides in and pull down
-this will expose the main duct and the blend door actuator is either a white or black box, this will depend if it’s been replaced before or not and is located on the top
-remove the electrical connector, simply depress the tab and pull out
-the electrical connector can be both back probed using a multimeter when in place or disconnected to test the controller circuit
-wiring may vary between the years so check a wiring diagram specific to your vehicle
-the pinout diagram will say which pin location connects to what part of the circuit
-turn the ignition in the run position
-using a multimeter on the lowest DC voltage setting, check to ensure if there is power at the circuit, along with a sufficient ground
-now setting the multimeter to the lowest ohms setting, we will measure the resistance of the potentiometer in the hvac control panel
-values will vary depending on what your cabin temperature is set at
-if it fails any parts of the test, then there is an issue with the hvac control panel or the wiring
-we can simply remove the actuator and inspect if it’s functioning correctly
-to remove it, simply depress the two tabs on the front and use a standard screwdriver to pop it up
-use the assistance of a standard screwdriver to disconnect the actuator
-another issue is that the shaft can break, either on the unit or on the door within the duct
-if the door has broken within the duct, then the duct will need to be disassembled for replacement
-plug the actuator back into the electrical connector, turn the ignition in the run position and test
-rotate the air temperature control and watch to see if the shaft rotates
-it doesn’t have a large amount of movement and won’t move fast either
-using a smaller standard screwdriver, slowly pop the tabs around the outside
-try to hold it apart so it doesn’t clip closed again
-remove the cap and then everything will be exposed inside
-wipe off any old lubricant
-I used a paint marker just to align the gears to make it easier for reassembly
-then remove the gears and continue to clean off the old lubricant
-inspect gears for any damage
-the small gear driven by the motor, I have seen a replacement on Ebay if yours needs to be replaced and it’s much cheaper than buying a new replacement unit
-clean the potentiometer with electronic contact clean and a clean rag
-do not contaminate this area with any oil or grease and inspect for any damage
-ensure the contacts on the shaft gear which run against the potentiometer is cleaner and make sure they ride correctly on the swipe area
-apply lithium grease to the gears and shafts they ride on
-reassemble the gears, lining everything back up and ensure the case is snapped back together
-test to make sure it is working correctly
-for reinstalling the actuator back onto the duct, if you have moved it, then that’s not an issue
-connect the electrical connector, turn the ignition on and then slowly rotate temperature selector, eventually the actuator will fall into it’s slot, then snap the unit back into place
-test again
-push the glovebox back into place by pulling in the sides again

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Ford RANGER Door Lock Cable Repair BEST METHOD

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The Best Method to repair Fords Ranger Door Lock Cable by replacing the plastic ends with CNC Machined Aluminum ends–that will outlive your vehicle.

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