Heated Car Seat Cushions: 5 Fast Facts

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How To Fix Acura TL Heated Seats

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joshsworld.com A common problem with Acura TL seat heaters is that the driver seat tends to burn out. The seat heater went out in my 2003 Acura TL Type S. This video shows how to fix this problem. You only need a few tools and a couple hours to repair your seat. You also need a heart of gold. Ok, you really don’t need a heart of gold, but it is nice. For more images and information about this repair, visit the link above. I am not a professional mechanic, so take this video for what it is worth. I am not a lawyer, so please don’t sue me. I am a web developer, so you can hire me to develop a website for you. Filmed by Chris Brundage. Edited by Josh Kryzak. Viewed by you.