Toyota/Honda Alternator diagnose,not charging problem and repair.

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Hi guys
Today im going to show you how to repair verry popular denso alternator.
This alternator mostly fits all toyotas and hondas manufactured before 2001.
It is fitted on some new ones too.
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MaxiScan ms509 OBD2 scanner in Action – Auto Engine Light Checking Problem

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Auto Repair: Fix Transmission Shift Problem Ford 5R55E Explorer more –

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Ford used the 5R55E in many rear and 4 wheel Drive applications. It is a good transmission but is susceptible to the valve body gasket “blowing out.” The symptom of this in our vehicle was that the transmission missed second gear under acceleration but found a higher gear when we let off the gas pedal. This is an easy problem to diagnose and only requires basic tools. Pull your transmission pan down, remove your valve body and see if either the gasket between the plate and transmission is damaged (as on our Explorer) or the gasket between the plate and valve body is damaged. If they are then you have an inexpensive rewarding fix. If they aren’t you can put your transmission together and know you may have a more expensive problem. This transmission was used in Ford Aerostar, Ranger, Explorer, Thunderbird, Mustang Mazda B-Series pickup, Mercury Mountaineer, Lincoln LS and Jaguar S-Type. This problem is more common to the mid to late 90s models. Torque specifications for the valve body to transmission bolts are 6-8 foot lbs or 70-90 Inch lbs. The bolts that hold the transmission pan on are 10 foot lbs.
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This video shows how to repair a 722.6 automatic transmission that fits Mercedes, Chrysler and Jeep.
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How to fix the poor radio reception problem, Volvo 850 wagon, antenna installation. – REMIX

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Auxiliary antenna installation: 45 to 60 minutes ( / 0)

In this video I installed a replacement antenna in my Volvo 850 wagon.

eBay item #: 291533448147
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Details about Universal Hidden Windshield Antenna Am/Fm Stereo Radio Auto Car 12v Electronic

Dash pad removal:

Volkswagen Golf Radio Antenna Amplifier Replacement - FIX

If the radio reception is poor or nonexistent it may by caused by a faulty antenna amplifier which can be easily replaced.

“Let It In” by Josh Woodward
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Ford truck window problem repair

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this is a common problem with ford trucks and when i first ran into this problem i got all kinds of what to change answers from friends. Don,t just assume you have a bad switch or a bad window regulator, start at the drivers door and ck before you replace…

In this video I remove the manual window crank and the door panel out of a 1977 c10 truck.

Window Crank
Inner door panel
Window Glass
Window Regulator
Vent window assembly
Door lock cylinder
Door handle
Door latch
Window tracks

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