Performance Radiator – Explained

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What is a performance radiator? How do racing radiators improve cooling? Performance radiators have many criteria used in order to create something with great cooling, no leaks, all at a low weight. The dimensions, fin density, number of passes, number of cores (rows), materials used, fan speed, coolant flow rate, and temperature differential all play a large roll in performance radiator design. This particular radiator is a Yonaka race radiator for Acura Integras. The radiator includes the shroud and fans.

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Performance Silicone Radiator Hoses – It’s Like a Water Park for Your Coolant!

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On this Andy’s Auto Sport Short, we show you how increase the cooling capabilities of your ride and install silicone radiator hoses. From stock replacement parts to high-performance aftermarket accessories, Andy’s Auto Sport has what you need to get the looks and power your vehicle deserves.


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Car radiator cooling fan electrical repair. Engine overheating.

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Here I am going to illustrate Toyota Corolla 2004 radiator cooling fan circuit Electrical repair. The cooling fan for this car was not switching on. The complaint was overheating due to stopped cooling fan. Here I am showing step by step repair process instead of jumping to replace the coolant sensor or any other part at once.

Diagnose, tear down, and repair of a 4 cylinder, fuel injected, overhead cam engine. This is an 1100 cc Yamaha 4 stroke engine from a Wave Runner.
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Radiator Draining Video-Motor Engine Building Car Repair DVD

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Radiator Draining Video-Motor Engine Building Car Repair DVD

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Basic Engine Building DVD – Chapter 5: Topside Disconnect

In this section we show you the proper technique to draining the engine fluids from the radiator and connected hoses before removing the engine for disassembly. Explains the process for using your specific engine repair manual to label all of the wiring, vacuum lines and hoses so that installation later will be smooth. We suggest taking lost of pictures during the engine tear down to help remember how all the engine parts were connect later. is a community and resource designed for automotive enthusiasts. The Basic Engine Building DVD is over three hours of engine building that covers everything from removal and disassembly to final assembly and engine start-up. This is the ultimate DVD for any home mechanic or engine enthusiast that wants to see a complete rebuild from Teardown to Start-Up. This video can be used to learn how to work on almost any type of internal combustion engine including V8, V6, Straight 8, in-line 6 and even 4 cylinder engines.All of the interactive features and menus will not work over YouTube.

This video is great for people interested in car repair, car care, and restoration. As well as hot rods, muscle cars, performance parts, and boosting horsepower. It can also help you to gain knowledge for increasing fuel economy, how to lower your emissions, and covers preventative maintenance to avoid little things like overheating.

Check out the full DVD with all of the interactive menus, Tools section and engine Glossary terms.

New Transmission DVDs and a Differential Rebuilding DVD just added.

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Audi R8 – Super Car Towing – Broken Down – First World Problem Blown Radiator Hose

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For the Car / Motorvation Enthusiast – Brought to you by the car guys at; Loading Super Car without destroying front bumper bar with scratches! – We can call you back!…

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