AVIS Russmann Case Study: Data-driven Digital Transformation of a Car Rental Business

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Russmann is a vehicle hire business, the largest AVIS Budget Licensee in Germany. In 2016 the company understood the need of redesigning their operational processes to improve cost-effectiveness and increase the fleet utilisation rate. Russmann contracted ELEKS as a technology partner delivering expert software engineering and consultancy services.

The system that ELEKS created for Russmann enables a single-point orchestration of all the customer’s previously disconnected systems. The solution provides centralised fleet management, data-driven car disposition, and fleet planning. It uses Data Science to predict the weekly demand for car rentals and makes suggestions on how to move the fleet between the stations to meet the forecasted need.

Results and highlights:

  • Automated operations and management tasks
  • Cost saving with optimised vehicle idle time
  • Increased car rental utility rate
  • Centralized fleet management
  • MVP delivery within 2 month

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What kind of chemicals do car rental companies/used car dealers use to make their cars look brand new?

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by yelinna

Question by powermxpx: What kind of chemicals do car rental companies/used car dealers use to make their cars look brand new?
I’m trying to clean my car interior along with my carpet. I know they have to use some type of special cleaners/chemicals to keep their cars looking clean and smelling fresh. Has anyone worked at one of these places?

Best answer:

Answer by koma
they just clean them everytime they come back, ie several times a week, try using Febreeze and some of that dry carpet cleaner deoderizor

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How car rental companies move their cars from one location to another?

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by christopherallisonphotography.com

Question by qadata: How car rental companies move their cars from one location to another?
I am working on an application and need to understand how car rental companies move their cars from one location to another when there are too many cars left by customers at one location. One way is to give dirt cheap one way rental offers to customers originating some specific location. However, I am trying to understand do they use auto transport companies to do this for them? If yes how much business auto transporters get one average from such scenarios?

Also, do car rental companies have some sort of contracts with auto transporters saying they will move rental cars always or on demand basis?

Thanks for your time!

Best answer:

Answer by gecko guy
Wut about those trucks that carry cars around?

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Affordable car rental for the desperate times

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Affordable car rental for the desperate times

Article by Dee Rheeder

“It’s just one of those days, where you don’t want to wake up, everything is….”Thanks Limp Bizkit, that’s just how my morning started! Being young (according to the 50+ crowd), independent (according to me) and broke (according to my bank balance) makes getting up in the morning quite a mission.

Today just isn’t my day! As I’m driving my four wheels and struggling engine to work, I realise I’ve got my top on backwards, there’s some form of gum on my jeans, traffic’s bad, it’s raining cats and dogs and of course there’s road-works!

Sipping on a WildBean coffee I figure that this day can only get better! Unfortunately, reality shakes me awake as I feel my car start shaking.

Shake, shake, hazards, 1, 2, 3, dead.

Car horns hum a tune of annoyance while lights wink at me from behind. Peak traffic and there I sit. It’s 7 in the morning and I need help- lots of it!

As tears draw patterns on my face I realise another smoke won’t help me out. I phone the work, I phone my dad and eventually I phone the mechanic. I hear a tinge of irritation and get a “get out of your car and open the hood” reply. “It’s raining” I say, “Do you want help or not?”.

Soaked to the core, I look at the thingy where you put water in and frankly, don’t recognise anything else under the hood. Mechanic’s conclusion is to call a wrecker and get myself out of the peak traffic before someone drives over me.

Mr. Wrecker drives the yellow tow truck and looks like he recently escaped from prison- blood shot eyes, beer belly and a mallet. Just the perfect companion when you’re wet, irritated and about to have a breakdown!

So, it seems that my engine seized. It will cost roundabout R20 000 to fix and I need a car desperately! The Internet and I become best friends as I look around for an affordable car rental. But, not just any car- I need a cheap car rental WITH a radio, extra tire and of course a model that does not originate from 1920!

The net overflows with car rental agencies and apparent cheap car rentals, but with further research there’s always something that puts me off. Eventually I found a website that ‘shops around’ for me. They work with South African car rental companies and find any car that you select at the cheapest possible price!

Not only does this car rental company offer lower rates than the rest, they also have funky new vehicles AND daily free kilometers! Perfect for my pocket as I’m more broke now than a few days ago!

It’s been a week of driving in a rattling orange bus and I’ve finally decided which car rental I’d prefer. Speedy, friendly service, no nasty surprises and I’m steering ‘my new’ car around.

Must say I’m looking quite cute in this model, pity it’s only a car rental! Luckily, the longer you rent the car, the less you pay (the mechanic likes taking his own sweet time).

Luckily, I’m mobile now and enjoying every last minute! Seems a bad week swung around- nothing like good service and a reliable car to put that smile back on my face!

About the Author

Dee works in Cape Town and found a car rental company online that fulfilled all her car rental requirements. If you are looking for an affordable car to rent, try out Dee’s new favourite car hire price comparison website.

Best Car Rental Deals and Tips – Dubai

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Best Car Rental Deals and Tips – Dubai

Article by Jamel Lambert

Researching over internet will show you many good and cheap deals of car rentals in the city. Remember, there are many things to do and see in Dubai. Make your visit fruitful by traveling to this vibrant city by arranging a best value car rental. Again, hiring a car is a handy way to get around the city whether it is for business or pleasure. He happened to have been in the tire business for many years and now was considering getting into the mobile car washing business, but not exactly the way we do it here in the US, remember the cost of water there is high, and it is a very valuable resource, as the water comes from desalination and that costs more. Then it must be transported as well. So something like mobile car washing, well, you can understand the concerns with using too much water.Instead he plans on creating another Green Car Wash business over there, so I asked him; what sort of “Green Car Wash” are you planning in Dubai, I know that water is expensive there, so how are you dealing with that issue? You see, there are many people using dry-wash type products in Dubai to clean cars. He also indicated to me that there are also companies which have come in and used the water in a bad way, as he explained;”Car Washing by unknown outsiders “Privately hired” they consume more water and make the space around dirty and un hygienic. My interest was to develop and raise such concerns to the higher authorities in U.A.E, luckily they are already working on this project.”It is too bad that outside companies have mis-understood the value of water and are allowing pollution run-off, but I had already heard about this problem, that’s too bad, they are not doing it right. So, yes, a better way, and a better business needs to be considered, I realize the water issues there, and the run off problems too. There are ways to do it right without those problems, and it is very smart of him to see this potential opportunity.Perhaps this case study is of value to those considering how to run auto-repair and maintenance businesses in other markets and in other nations. Please consider all this and again think on it. If you have any questions or comments on this topic then do be so good as to send me an email at your earliest convenience, deal?A huge percentage of the world’s population has a dream of visiting the United States. The perception is that the USA everything that is produced or exported from the USA is of a superior quality. This obviously applies to cars. But, the question that arises, is this perception enough to justify the exponential increase in cars being exported to Dubai (small Middle Eastern sheikhdom), or is there supporting factors.In a questionnaire collected from Dubai citizens studying at US based universities, the initial conclusion is that overall mechanical labor significantly costs less in Dubai when compared the US. This results in less cost to fixing mechanical problems. This confuses the puzzle, but with more in-depth interviews, the finding was that mechanic shops charging average labor rate lake quality.

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