Locomotive horn collector air system NOT for pranks or scaring (Big air for a big horn)

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[CLICK THE SHOW MORE BUTTON] Showing off my 32 gallon train horn air set up, and explaining how everything works. Brought out my S5T, which I turned into an RS5T for the first test of the new set up. The 55 bell is funny though… BWAAAAAAAAAAAAUG!!ooooweeeee….

Why do I do this? This is what I do for fun (as a hobby), I collect & restore old train horns. I do it to preserve the older sounds of railroads that are disappearing in favor of less pleasant ones. I enjoy taking an old horn that no longer works and restoring it to an operational condition. I enjoy the sound the horns make. I want to listen to my horns and make recordings of them, but do so in a way that doesn’t harm other people. So its not about having a loud horn on my car, its about having a way to use and make recordings of my train horns. See here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3C01BE98A7F0AF10

The compressor is not modified to run off 12V from the car, I plug it in at home and fill the tanks there. When I am honking the horn the tanks just drain down and do not refill.

Do you have a horn on the car all the time? No, only once in a great while, maybe few times a month at the most. Most of the time its just a car with a black roof rack. No train horn.

If I don’t scare or prank people why do I have train horns? I like trains and railroads, and their history. Collecting and restoring old locomotive horns to preserve the historical railroad sounds is my hobby.

Have I replaced the normal car horn with the train horns? No.

Do you power the compressor from the car? No, it is powered off 120V AC home outlet, please re-watch the video and pay better attention.

Why don’t I install a compressor? Because I did not want to modify my vehicle further that I already have, and don’t want to tie into and modify operational critical systems (electrical for example).

Won’t the air tank explode if I get in a crash? No, it is a DOT certified tank, that means it is designed to be partially crushed and not explode. Besides, this is compressed air, not an explosive agent, as soon as there is any puncture in the tank walls the pressure will drop not increase. It is designed for air suspension systems, but it works great for this. Also I do have a safety valve in it. Check out this video to see what happens when a compressed air tank (or can in this case) is crushed. It doesn’t explosively fail. https://youtu.be/9gg5eO96or0

Does this affect the gas millage? I seriously doubt it. Look at the horn’s mounting bracket (manifold). Its mostly open space! If it does it is insignificant. I almost never have a horn on the car, and when I do I drive less than 20 miles before taking it off again.

What is squeaking? The chamber on the 55 bell is very work, and on this type of horn, a worn chamber on the 55 (highest pitched bell/trumpet) often squeaks like that.

EZCarLift Automotive portable lift system review (5 stars!)

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I love my new lift system – gives me very flexible side, front or rear access, minimal interference, light weight, safe, solid, with rollers to move the vehicle around (an option), and another ‘low profile’ option to allow for less ground clearance requirements and/or the ability to drive over it when you don’t have enough room beside the vehicle to position it prior to lifting …
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Here is a toy EVERY car guy needs… a 516L PA system

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I had to demo this voice module, It is a total blast to have and play around with.

Add pre-programmed messages in either English or Japanese to your security system as an adjunct to the siren, including Viper specific messages (i.e. “Viper armed!”) Users can also record custom messages. Voice modules are also effective when used to generate Warn Away messages in conjunction with an optional 508D Radar sensor. The 516L can also be used as a P.A. system.
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Just got done putting in my COBRA 19 III with two 100w pa speakers from radio shack. i’m not sure if it’s louder with one or two but i got two so i’m just going with that

Automobile Bluetooth Tethering System

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A demonstration of my project for using my phone’s bluetooth protocol to automatically activate the remote starting of my car.
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This video will show you how you can program your engine control module on any Honda Acura Lexus Toyota Nissan using your cell phone smartphone via Bluetooth no professional scan tool needed. Save hundreds by not visiting dealership.



Warnings And Caution

If you follow the procedures, techniques and methods shown in this video, be aware that you follow them at your own risk.

Under no circumstances will the author(s) and/or publisher(s) of www.youtube.com/user/melniksmotors (melniks automotive) be held liable for any injuries or damages, direct or consequential, incurred by any person who attempts to follow the examples shown herein.
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How to Properly Recharge Your AC System

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Recharge your AC system properly. I go though all of the steps on how to safely recharge your air conditioning system with refrigerant. First you need to evacuate the system, then pull a vacuum, and then add the correct amount of refrigerant based on weight.

Vacuum Pump + Manifold gauge combo: http://amzn.to/2rNhvue
Manifold gauge set: http://amzn.to/29fZqu1
AC vacuum pump http://amzn.to/29nr6xS
Refrigerant (with no oil or sealers): http://amzn.to/1WMjvuS
Refrigerant Can Tap: http://amzn.to/20vQFxc
Scale to weigh Refrigerant: http://amzn.to/1TrEQbs

How to Find AC System Leaks: https://youtu.be/pCv7rCdcXsc?list=PLDD611CFB36FC65F2
How to Replace an AC Compressor: https://youtu.be/rulXlnG2Unk?list=PLDD611CFB36FC65F2
How to Quick Charge your AC System: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHg2xRMnM38

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