Using the Automobile Ramp Calculator

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To use the calculator click here – provides an easy to use online calculator to estimate the length of ramp needed to load an automobile unto a raised surface, such as a trailer. This animation shows what measurements are needed and how to use the calculator.

Jump – Start Your Car Using a Battery from the Drill

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In this video, we are looking at the way to Jump-Start a car using a battery from the drill.
It’s not the smartest thing to do, but it’s handy to know.
Life it’s full of surprises. Imagine staying at your friends house, in the middle of nowhere. You find out that your car’s battery has died. Unfortunately, there are no car’s around to ask for the Jump-Start.
Pushing is also not an option.
You have an important meeting that you can’t miss.
What do you do?
Ask if your friend has a battery operated drill.
It might save your day.

As long as the battery is charged and same voltage as cars battery, you might get lucky.
Well, actually the voltage can be higher, but I am not sure at what point it becomes dangerous to car electronics.
My car’s battery is 12v and I used 12v battery from a drill.
I believe that a drill with 14 or 16v would be safe to use, but It’s just my believe, not a fact.
If somebody knows, please feel free to educated me in comments.

This trick will work the best with small cars, small car batteries.
Battery can’t be completely dead, otherwise it’s not gonna work.

In the video, I connected both batteries together. That way, the small battery was charging the big one. I only charged it for 8 minutes. Obviously, my car’s battery was dead-ish not completely dead.
That’s why I was able to do it.
Warning: Use this video content at your own risk.
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How to Make a Vinyl Car Window Decal Using the Silhouette Cameo Portrait

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Toyota Head Bolt Repair using TIMESERT Universal Head Bolt Thread Repair kit

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Here is a Toyota with pulled head bolts which was repaired with the Universal Head Bolt Thread Repair kit. Tom at Jerry’s broken drill and tap removal service demonstrates how to repair the head bolt & threads of Toyota Camry which over heated and caused the bolts to strip out.
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There is a mistake in this video. It should be checked with the 4 wires lugs (coil leads) around the edges of which the screws were removed. That should be continuity with very low resistance. Also, that should be no continuity between the coil leads and ground. This video was corrected accordingly with the following video:
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DIY Door Ding Repair – 9 Steps How To Repair Dings Yourself Using Glaze Putty

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FREE access to training at – This is a DIY method using basic tools to repair small door dings. This is not a PDR method and will require touching up the paint surface, which will be in another video.

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How to repair car hinge points when door has been opened to far. 1994 Plymouth Voyager with welded on door hinges was backed into something causing drivers door to bend backwards and not close anymore. How the door and attachment points were bent back into place to repair the problem.

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