The Curiosity Box By VSauce Unboxing Video By RaceGrooves Quarterly Subscription Program

February 9, 2018 by  
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That link helps defray my costs of future shipments. In the future, I plan on have a Race Grooves Box as well. After all, you didn’t think that I moved into a warehouse just to make videos, do you? =)

I know that people enjoy subscription suprise boxes. Many of those have exclusive items. Some are affordable but you get what you pay for.

This box was .90 (plus applicable tax and shipping) and the items were very nice quality! To be honest, I’d rather have a more expensive box like this that is filled with quality items. With it being quarterly, the shipping charges are a smaller percentage of the over-all costs.

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20 Responses to “The Curiosity Box By VSauce Unboxing Video By RaceGrooves Quarterly Subscription Program”
  1. brianartillery says:

    That is a superb box. I like everything in it. Schrodinger's Cat is a famous thought experiment about the nature of uncertainty in the field of quantum physics. It's quite complicated to explain, and saying that a cat in a box can be both dead and alive at the same time isn't really going to help much. If you are a cat lover [as I know you are], even less so, even when dealing with a theoretical cat.

  2. rrangana11 says:

    It looks over priced… I do find most of these things in Airport stores in PDX, Portland OR.

  3. Firefly says:

    seems cool but $89 CAD is a bit steep, would be cool to see a cheaper one with puzzles and stuff.

  4. SethTheSavageKid says:


  5. neyo509 says:

    What the name for that thing at 4:45

  6. HoDANG says:

    Woah that tshirt is cool.

  7. The Pink Envelope says:

    I love this! Thanks for such a nice video. I think I might have an addiction to subboxes!

  8. Mr. Randall says:

    the equilibrium things seem to very different colors and the spiral seemed to be different on a lot of them so in the Curiosity box together at random

  9. Jake Mercer says:

    the sticker has a game code

  10. DriftCult says:

    Race grooves, you should try to get a partnership with tuner crate. You can make your own subscription box

  11. jake? says:

    it's not a sticker it's a code to a game

  12. akshay manikandan says:

    Anyone noticed that the playtime is 9:11 ? Suspicious…

  13. Farrelz _23 says:

    I want the decal please

  14. LiL CLOROX says:

    Hey mr race grooves Can u do a vid on a carmaker set

  15. diecasttvchannel says:

    Talking about curiousity, I am well and truly enthralled at what Race Grooves Boxes will contain ; )

  16. A changeling plays Lots of stuff says:

    that's 3 life times of reading

  17. Kevin Frank says:

    does ur hot wheels ultimate garage come with a 2014 stock car treasure hunt car? ours did, could have it slipped into our set??

  18. Adam Iskandar says:

    That's so nice racegrooves

  19. The Gold Shot says:

    For a while there you were saying you had umpteen plans for the channel but very few things were shown but now it all seems to be slotting in very nicely! 🙂 all you're videos are very enjoyable but I am really curious and you may have said something about it recently but I missed it, could you give a general guesstimate to when you'll be doing gaming videos?

  20. DrevikkDrevik says:

    LOL… Schrodinger's cat

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