What car insurance companies don’t tell you about rates

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Auto insurance companies claim they can save you money, but in “The Truth About Car Insurance,” Consumer Reports says otherwise. The magazine conducted research for two years in which they analyzed more than two billion car insurance price qutoes from more than 700 companies. Margot Gilman of Consumer Reports joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss the findings.
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9 Responses to “What car insurance companies don’t tell you about rates”
  1. Javed Hayat says:

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  2. Zach Divver says:

    I would seriously recommend MCA their benefit are insane https://goo.gl/MW8bYf

  3. Frank Medina says:

    Car insurance premiums seem to always increase. The reason for the increases are due to accidents and filed claims. Insurance is all about minimizing your risk. However, the carrier has to be make a profit on the policy. Most underwriters factor in credit score, driving record, age, marital status and length of insurance with a prior company.

  4. Antonio Flores. says:

    She is a hot blonde

  5. The Adjuster says:

    Everything is a rating factor credit, adress , age , driving history claim history, vehicle type, even when you shop for new insurance non at fault will impact your rates. How many miles you drive. Look for companies that go back 3 years not five. Even road side assistance claims impact your rates. Lapse in coverage is a big one rating factor

  6. Yung Christ says:

    It's all a scam, a "legal" scam.

  7. Daniella Moreno says:

    What is this real??

  8. Michael King says:

    and they get the government to force you to buy it, so they have a captive market

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